The importance of Strategic Marketing Planning for your business.

Understand how Strategic Marketing Planning is important to your business, and check 4 advantages of how this planning can boost your sales.

When you create a business or take over the management of a project, the main agenda that involves all your ideas and goals for a product or service is Strategic Planning.

It helps to define what route you want to go down as a business such as whether to use things like South Lakes SEO or a social media specialist.

As we saw in the article “Why is Strategic Planning so important to your company’s success?“, This planning works like a GPS for your goals and, consequently, for success.

Knowing this, we will now understand the importance of planning before executing any marketing action for your business.

But first, we need to deconstruct some myths about Strategic Planning.

  • Everything is important.

It is normal for you to consider all the projects your team is working on, because the first thing you think about is the client, and how important this is to him.

However, strategic planning has the function of showing where to focus on the moment, and what you can leave waiting a little longer. For example, if your company has a podcast that hasn’t really grown since it launched, you might want to look into how to grow your podcast audience so it reaches as many people as possible.

The secret of productive and strategic teams is in deciding which projects can most contribute to the company’s growth today.

  • Innovation is 100% of every strategy.

Of course, it is important to always be on top of trends and new technologies that the market presents.

But before creating a strategy around innovation, it is important to not change the essence of your business first.

What I mean is that you need to analyze how this innovation can contribute to the results that your business has already been getting.

Most importantly, how this innovation influences your organization’s strategic planning.

Companies like Amazon, Google, and Facebook make you think that they are always changing their strategy, while in reality, they are just adding innovations to their products and services based on a solid and constant strategy.

  • Agility is more important than any strategy.

This thinking is created mainly due to one of the main characteristics of Startups and Saas: exponential growth, caused by the approach of a niche market opportunity.

However, what you need to understand is that agility is not a strategy, and therefore it cannot permanently affect an organization’s competitive position.

The immediate success of Startups does not mean that there was no strategy behind the approach.

A strategy is not limited to just one plan, but to a structure built for decision making, formed by principles that will guide the entire organization according to its evolution.

And how does all this apply to Strategic Marketing Planning?

As you can see, the definition of a strategic plan is a constant capable of favoring success, immediate or long term, for any business.

And in Marketing, defining a plan is the best option so that your business growth and expansion goals are not lost along the way. This could mean that you look into an introduction to database marketing strategies, venture into SEO marketing or stay targeted on traditional media — whatever you choose to do, you need to make sure you’ve got it all planned out carefully.

Thus, you will be able to address the best marketing options that will help your business to leverage results.

But before thinking about creating a successful roadmap, you need strategic thinking in making every marketing decision in your business.

But after all, what are the advantages of Strategic Marketing Planning for my company?

  1. Work based on reliable data

With strategic planning geared to your marketing campaigns, you have the security and peace of mind of working with the data obtained in your research.

In this way, all of your actions will be structured on real data of your target audience, which offers you a greater chance of success in your work.

2 . Follow the goal set initially

As you already defined at the beginning of your planning where you want to go, now you need to know how to get there.

And for that, it is necessary to define the objective of each marketing strategy.

With the control of each strategy and the results obtained, it is easier to stay on track towards your stipulated marketing goal.

  1. Work in tune with the entire team

One of the main characteristics of successful strategic planning is to have the entire team aware of the goals and objectives that the company wants to achieve with each action implemented.

Therefore, in addition to creating strategies, it is essential to communicate to your team all the work you intend to do so that everyone can reach their goals.

  1. Schedule actions in advance

It s better to be safe than sorry, right?!

Therefore, knowing what your business is going to do next is very important, especially to avoid a last-minute and poorly planned action, just because a new trend has appeared in the market.

But how do I create a Strategic Marketing Plan for my business?

Knowing how to create a strategic marketing plan can make a difference for your business, and boost your sales results.

This is because it is through it that you can develop certain actions aimed at your brand, the market and especially the needs of your customer.

Thinking about it, we separated the steps you need to complete to know how to implement strategic marketing planning in your business.

First, do a market analysis

Do you know the market in which your business operates?

It is important to be aware of your sales square, through good research on the branch of your company and the performance of your competitors.

Take the opportunity to list what differs from your competitors and what communication channels you use.

This data will serve as a comparison of your product or service in relation to other competitors.

Understand your positioning as a business.

After seeing where your competitors are, you need to understand where your business is

That is, understanding how you differ, innovate or outperform other players in your market.

By pooling your strengths and weaknesses, you can also define possible threats and market opportunities.

Know your target audience in depth

Knowing exactly who you talk to is key to defining your priorities in marketing strategies

Therefore, try to understand what are the customs, desires and needs of your customers, so you can present the answers through your product.

One of the best methods for this is to create your persona. In other words, the ideal customer for your product, formed by in-depth research on the main characteristics of your target audience.

Define the best channels

Now that you know who to talk to, you need to know where you’re going to find your persona.

Define the best channels to work with the public interested in your services or products, to apply your actions strategically.

With the study and research accumulated in the last topics, you have enough material to know which are the best channels for your business.

Set goals

Now it’s time to create your goals. That’s because the most important part of any strategic planning is knowing where you want to go.

Defining deadlines and metrics is essential to guide your business towards these marketing objectives.

But how to put this many tips into action?

Well, now it’s time to have tools capable of facilitating the creation of your Strategic Marketing Planning.

After all, such planning involves different areas, where each one works with different metrics and data.

Therefore, the ideal is that you always have access to the most important data in each area, with practicality and agility.

See how Adnia Solutions Marketing Excel Spreadsheets can help you.

At Adnia Solutions, you will find complete professional Excel spreadsheets for managing the Marketing of your business.

In super-functional multilingual templates with powerful design and easy interpretation, you have everything you need to monitor results and generate complete reports for your team and your customers.

See below the Excel Adnia spreadsheet templates available on our website.

Marketing Budget Excel Template

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SEO Metrics Dashboard Template

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  • Sixteen pre-defined SEO indicators including CTR – Click Through Rate, Total Conversion Rate, Total Visits and many more

Social Media Dashboard Template

  • Monitor your Social Media progress monthly
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  • Consolidate all your social media metrics in one place
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  • Compare the results of individual social media efforts to the overall result

Social Media KPI Excel Template

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  • Professional and elegant visuals

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