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Economic impacts caused by Covid-19 on American companies

As the new coronavirus (COVID-19) traverses America’s largest cities, its effect is being felt far beyond the more than 140,000 Americans who are confirmed to be infected. The quarantines and blockages needed to combat the spread of the virus are also freezing the economy, with unprecedented strength and speed. The stock market sank a quarter […]

Curiosities: The History of Excel

Most people are familiar with Microsoft Excel. It has become so popular and synonymous with data and spreadsheets that it is often overlooked that powerful programs like Excel did not always exist, much less in their current format. Big things usually start out as small and, in the world of technology, they are usually created […]

How to set, track and reach your monthly sales goals

Do you need an easier way to define, track and achieve sales goals? The first process for creating a goal is to determine its time scale. Most are determined a quarter in advance. However, setting new sales goals on a monthly basis offers benefits that quarterly goals do not. First, monthly sales goals allow significant […]

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