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Excel Templates and Dashboards

Excel templates and dashboards

Adnia wants to transform the way you handle data from your business, or personal project, using something as simple as an Excel spreadsheet. We use the essence of Business Intelligence to make you optimize your management, simplifying data analysis and improving business processes through solutions with great visual impact. Below is a sample of what […]

Excel Templates and Dashboards

Time management in the business context: how to organize?

You look at your job list and your heart starts to race and your nerves are on edge. After that, you realize that it is impossible to organize yourself to carry out all the tasks that are set for the day and you end up feeling very bad about it. Even if you focus on […]

Excel Templates and Dashboards

6 steps to a successful financial planning

Most people’s dream is to have a balanced financial life, isn’t it? Many people fail to achieve this dream due to lack of planning and to go beyond what their budget and monthly income allow. The truth is that there are not many secrets to saving money. With this article, we will help you to […]

Excel Templates and Dashboards

Why is task management so important to your business?

Task management must be one of the foundations in any business sector. With a good management and control of demands, the managers or responsible for each sector are able in a practical, fast and objective way to define the tasks and priority activities, to improve the optimization of the teams’ available time of work and, […]

Excel Templates and Dashboards

Excel spreadsheet assists in real estate organization and management

The real estate spreadsheet is a very efficient tool and helps in the organization, being a decisive factor in the results of the Realtor. With a competitive real estate market and the various financial instabilities of the last few years, it has shown that the success of real estate agencies depends, above all, on their […]

The importance of details in a dashboard

The importance of details in a dashboard

The answer often lies in the details. When facing a problem, especially in a company, there are numerous factors that can influence each decision. For this reason, tools such as the dashboard are used to facilitate management processes. And you often have to pay attention to details on a dashboard to succeed. Dashboard definition First, […]


Excel Sales Performance Dashboard

Track sales performance with the help of a sales dashboard in Excel. A sales performance dashboard makes it easy to track key performance indicators and other information that are vital to your sales team. See in this article some examples of sales performance dashboards. Sales Dashboard Get a quick overview of sales with the help […]

New Adnia Spreadsheet Templates

New Adnia Spreadsheet Templates Released in July and August

We have been working hard this summer to deliver new spreadsheet templates to maximize your business and personal budgets. In July and August, we released two more templates- the SEO Metrics Template that can help you monitor your website’s performance, and the Trip Budget Template that can help you budget for that next adventure. SEO […]

Excel Templates for Business

People Analytics HR Metrics Important In 2017

Data and analytics are becoming increasingly important in HR decision making. 2017 marks the year when some of the HR metrics will become benchmark for the hiring and other decisions. Recruitment, retention, absence, attendance and rewards are the usual focus areas. However, ratio of employees to HR staff has reached the top metrics. This indicates […]

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