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Learn about the 11 indicators to optimize your HR recruitment process

Understand the importance that an efficient hiring process has for your business, and what are the indicators that will increase your assertiveness.

You already know the saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. But do you know how to get your business team to this point?

It is clear that everything starts with the selection of the parts that you will command. You need to draft the best professionals and potential talents to defend your brand.

And here’s a fact that you may not know yet.

Hiring the wrong team is the 3rd main reason for small companies (Startups) to close their doors, losing only to the lack of demand for the product/service as the first reason, and the lack of revenue as the second reason.

And to justify this fact, there are 3 problems that small and medium-sized entrepreneurs face when it comes to Recruitment and Selection.

Issue 1 – Small and medium business owners think that recruiting software is only intended for large companies

Issue 2 – When conducting selection interviews, it is common that small and medium-sized entrepreneurs let themselves be led by the belief in their own judgments and intuitions instead of statistics.

Issue 3 – The owner is also HR and, therefore, frequently does not have time. Despite knowing like no one what the contractor needs to learn, the routine of recruiting interviews and training takes up a lot of time.

Every day, the HR sector becomes more strategic in organizations, having a great impact on results mainly because it is responsible for managing the people who are the face of the company.

Therefore, it is necessary to perform well in the recruitment and selection of employees, which are essential parts of the operation of any organization. One approach to ensure that HR is performing successfully is to ensure that they receive the appropriate training, such as that provided by Bersin Academy.

So pay attention next, that we will talk about the most important indicators in HR Recruitment.

These are the 11 strategic HR indicators for you to follow closely.

For this sector, it is essential to monitor the main HR indicators, mainly because without these indicators there is no way to develop a good work strategy.

  1. Turnover – It is also called the Company Turnover Index, when it remains low, the better it is for the work environment and the more efficient the recruitment processes become.
  2. Absenteeism – Factor that represents employees who need to be absent from their function, whether due to absence, delays, or occasional absences. These occasions also serve to measure the level of satisfaction of these employees with their functions in the company.
  3. Punctuality – Complementary to absenteeism, the study of the punctuality of employees indicates their level of commitment to the company. Incentive programs can be created to improve productivity and bonuses if there are many problems with the lack of punctuality.
  4. Training – One of the measures that aim to increase the productivity of employees, investment in training to improve employee’s work is important to encourage better personal and professional performance.
  5. Training ROI – ROI (Return On Investment) is the indicator that identifies the results of the applied training.
  6. Talent retention – This index aims to point out the efficiency of the tactics aimed at maintaining the corporate team, applying mainly to differentiated professionals, in order to keep them attracted to the company’s work environment. For example, you may decide to look at the advantage of offering them healthcare benefits, as if they know that they can utilize health services at a reduced cost, it may just persuade them to stay.
  7. Headcount – Its objective is to represent the current number of professionals in the company, and whether that number has increased or decreased over a given period.
  8. Labor claims – Indicator that has a direct link with the labor legislation, aims to indicate whether the company is operating according to the current labor laws, as well as if it is adequate to the tax burden for the maintenance of its employees.
  9. Job openings closed on time – Although it is not very common, this is a valuable metric for the HR sector, as it indicates if the job openings were closed in the predetermined period. A delay in filling open positions directly interferes with the company’s productivity, in addition to indicating flaws in the planning and execution of the selection process.
  10. Working hours productivity – Efficiency calls for productivity, and in an organization, it is no different. This metric indicates whether the workday is really being used, which when it happens, optimizes production, reduces the use of resources and eliminates errors.
  11. Customer complaints index – When complaints are related to customer service, they are associated with human resources. Therefore, the ideal is that there is training aimed at teams that deal directly with the public, always prioritizing excellence in this type of service.

When used well, these indicators guide managers in their decision making, assisting in more successful leadership in all sectors of your company or business

Many indicators are useful for strategic and well-structured business. Therefore, in addition to having these standards in mind before defining any corporate strategy, it is essential to ensure that all data is measured correctly.

And if you are thinking about how to organize your time to manage so many important indicators, there is a tool that will make everything easier.

And unlike heavy software, difficult to interpret and expensive to acquire, there is a solution available that speeds up the evaluation of the recruitment process.

Next, you will understand:

The HR Recruitment Dashboard Template is an Excel spreadsheet designed to help HR and recruiting companies assess the success of their recruitment process.

In addition to monitoring the most important performance indicators in HR recruitment, this solution also offers:

  • Monitor HR recruitment progress monthly
  • Provides actionable insights to correct inefficiencies
  • Consolidate all your HR metrics in one place
  • Easily keep your team informed
  • Clearly visualize results with easy-to-interpret charts
  • Multilingual template: Select one of the available languages (English, French, or Portuguese) or manually translate to the language of your choice

Above all, with this you streamline the recruitment process, instantly locating the areas that need improvement.

To find out more details about the HR Recruitment Dashboard Template, and acquire a template with 3 spreadsheets for immediate download, click the button below:

HR Recruitment Dashboard Template

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