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When it comes to data analysis (simple or complex), Excel is a commonly used tool across the majority of businesses. The implications of using Excel are quite literally endless. The only thing that makes it hard to use is that it’s not very ‘readable’ and not very ‘visual’.

At ‘Adnia Solutions’ we remedy that.

Our experts have created smart, innovative and incredibly easy-to-use excel based templates and Dashboards.

Our Team

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Lamine Seye

Founder & Business Director

Lucas Samroma

Founder & Product Director

Hélène S. Lespoune

Business Partner

Flávio dos Santos



Redefining Business Intelligence using Excel

We’re here to help you derive meaningful conclusions from your business data using something as simple as Excel Sheets.

At Adnia Solutions, we make you move from ‘RAW DATA’ to ‘INSIGHTS’ with professional and user-friendly Excel templates.

The defining feature of our templates is – the ‘simplicity’.

By keeping them highly intuitive, we’ve made sure that our clients don’t feel frustrated while using any of the Excel functions/features.

Our idea behind creating these interactive excel templates is to make number-crunching and displaying the meaning behind those numbers, a piece of cake.

Derive useful conclusions from data and implement changes

We know that businesses run on data.

Whether you talk about tracking employee productivity, time management, analyzing profitable deals or anything ‘business-related’; it goes without saying that everything has to be based on facts and data.

Here at Adnia Solutions, we take the ‘blandness’ and ‘boredom’ out of data analysis with the help of data visualization.

No more dealing with ‘impossible to decipher’ excel sheets.

Our Excel templates have been created with playful colorful palettes that promise beautiful graphic display as well as functionality so you can base your decision on solid, hardcore facts; minus the headache.

“We offer simple Excel tools to improve your performance and help you succeed. Wherever you are, your data is your DNA; the better we know each other, the better we perform! It’s our mission to highlight your data.”

Lamine Seye – Founder & Business Director

“We develop creative solutions using Microsoft Excel, but we employ the same concepts and logic used to develop software, web sites and BI applications. All the user has to do is enter their data and the template takes care of the rest- like calculating indicators and generating graphs, reports and dashboards. The end-result is a simple-to-use Excel spreadsheet.”

Lucas Sanroma – Founder & Product Director

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