Excel Dashboard Examples.

SaaS Metrics Dashboard

This dashboard displays SaaS metrics including Signup Conversion Rate, Churn Rate, Monthly Recurring Revenue and so much more. The full template is composed of 51 business metrics divided into 6 stunning dashboards.


Cash Flow Dashboard

Better understand your liquidity and current cash flow. You can also keep track of your monthly income and expenses. Perfect for both large and small businesses.

Adnia HR Dashboard

HR Metrics Dashboard

This dashboard presents the most common human resources performance indicators and provides you a visual representation of your company’s workforce. Increase productivity throughout your company.

KPI-Management_Tempalte - KPI Details

KPI Management Dashboard

Track and manage any kind of KPI. This gives business owners and managers an immediate snapshot of the overall performance of their companies and departments.


Timesheet Management Dashboard

Simplify time management. This dashboard allows you to keep track of the various monthly components of your work.

Task Management Template - Dashbiard

Task Management Dashboard

This dashboard gives you a quick visual snapshot of all your tasks. The full template was inspired by the Lean and Kanban methodologies.

Personal Budget Template - Dashboard

Personal Budget Dashboard

Set personal financial goals and achieve them. This dashboard you a clear picture of your household budget.


Finance Dashboard

Keep track your company’s income and expenses in relation to your set budget.

Budget vs Actual Dashboard Template

An Excel dashboard template designed to help you compare estimated results to actual results.

Sales KPI and Commission Tracker Dashboard

This dynamic Excel dashboard template allows you track your most important sales numbers in a single screen.

Accounts Receivable Dashboard Template - Dashboard V1.03

Account Receivable Dashboard Template

An effective dashboard template to monitor accounts receivable indicators.

Simple Project Expense Tracking Template - Dashboard

Project Expense Tracking Dashboard Template

The project dashboard features all the most important statistics along with a clean, professional visual.

KPI Management Excel Spreadsheet Dashboard Template

KPI Management Template 2

This Excel Dashboard Template helps you to pinpoint problem areas and streamline your workload.

KPI Management Excel Spreadsheet Dashboard Template

KPI Management Template 3

You can use this Excel Dashboard Template to see a snapshot of your business as a whole and to track your goals.


HR Recruitment Dashboard Template

This Excel Dashboard Template was created for tracking the 12 most important key performance indicators in HR recruitment.

SEO Metrics Dashboard Template - SEO Dashboard

SEO Metrics Dashboard Template

The SEO Metrics Dashboard is a functional and beautiful Excel spreadsheet dashboard template developed to help track the 16 most important SEO indicators.

Travel Budget Planning Template - Dashboard

Travel Budget Planning Dashboard Template

Travel Budget Planning Dashboard – Excel spreadsheet designed to help you plan for that well-deserved vacation trip and avoid financial surprises.

Marketing Budget Template

Marketing Budget Dashboard Excel Template

Use our dashboard reports visualize and follow your budget to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Daily Sales Tracking Template - Daily Sales Dashboard

Daily Sales Tracking Dashboard Template

Simple solution to manage and visualize sales performance and monitor sales progress daily.

Daily Sales Tracking Template - Top Salesperson

Sales Team Dashboard Template

A dynamic dashboard to display the top 5 sellers.

Simple Inventory Management Template - Inventory Dashboard

Inventory Management Dashboard Template

Maintain control over inventory levels and reorder products right on time. All the information you need is summarized in one dashboard.

Financial Dashboard Excel Template

Our unique and carefully designed dashboard provides a complete picture of your data- saving you time and hassle.

Real Estate Agent Dashboard - Dashboard

Real Estate Agent Dashboard

Communicate better with your staff using professional and easy-to-follow sales dashboard.

Cash Flow Dashboard

Cash Flow Dashboard Template

The Cash Flow Dashboard lets you quickly identify areas where your company is excelling and those that require corrective action.

Real Estate Dashboard

Real Estate KPI Dashboard Template

Run useful and professional reports that you can share with your team.

Real Estate Dashboard

Social Media Dashboard Template

This Excel spreadsheet template helps you to organize and compare all of your Social Media Metrics in one convenient place.

Real Estate Dashboard

Social Media KPI Excel Template

The Adnia Solutions Social Media KPI template is an efficient way to focus your social media marketing efforts and get results.

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