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Excel Templates and Dashboards

Excel templates and dashboards

Adnia wants to transform the way you handle data from your business, or personal project, using something as simple as an Excel spreadsheet. We use the essence of Business Intelligence to make you optimize your management, simplifying data analysis and improving business processes through solutions with great visual impact. Below is a sample of what […]

adnia metrics

The most important metrics in Saas

Through these 10 metrics, you will lead your business to success. Learn the main method for leveraging your Saas or Startup. With entrepreneurship on the rise, every day new businesses appear with a common characteristic: bringing an innovation to the market, whether in a new product or in a service that no one has thought […]

Excel Templates and Dashboards

KPIs: understand the importance of key performance indicators

Do you know what KPIs are and what they are for? After 5W2H, PDCA, ERP, IPO and many other acronyms in the corporate business environment, the KPI is the acronym of the time. Key Performance Indicators are highly relevant metrics for measuring the performance of a strategy and management processes. Through the analysis of KPIs, […]

Excel Templates and Dashboards

05 great tips for the management and administration of an HR department

Whether you hire hr consultants, have your own in-house team, or are only big enough to have a single person in charge of HR, the proper management of the HR department is crucial. Because every company or organization that has employees, whether large, medium or even small, needs to have a good control of their […]

New Adnia Spreadsheet Templates

New Adnia Spreadsheet Templates Released in June

Adnia Solutions is proud to announce the launch of 5 new Excel spreadsheet templates in June. Our templates are designed to help you organize your business and personal finances more effectively. If you are not great to start with on your personal finances, you can get additional tips from blogs such as sprawlway.org, which can […]

KPI. Key performance indicator.

What’s The Hype About KPIs?

KPIs or key performance indicators is an acronym frequently used in most businesses. HR and sales departments are two teams highly focused on these indicators. For any company, it’s easy to obsess over numbers. It’s all a numbers game as most experts say. While that is true, KPIs are what helps us determine the value […]

SaaS - Software as a Service

How Do SaaS Companies Benefit From Using Dashboards To Monitor Their KPIs?

One of the revolutionary trends that define the 21st century is the rise of technology and its impact on urban life and the economy. From communication and transportation to commerce and tourism, the touch of cutting edge technology has changed the face of life as we know it. No matter where you look, businesses everywhere […]

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