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data organization

The importance of organizing data strategically

Understand the importance of organizing data strategically for the day to day of your business. Know also a powerful ally in the reading and classification of this data.

As a business or project manager, you may have become used to dealing with a range of information that comes to your desk every day. Or at least you have already found yourself in the obligation of having to arrange data that is disorganized, poorly structured and full of inaccuracies.

Why should I care about organizing my business data?

You are well aware that organizing the data for business analysis takes precious time and energy to get to the most important information. However, when there is an excess of slowness in this process, your business can have big losses.

To give you an idea, a survey by Gartner says that “the average financial impact of low-quality data for companies is U $ 9.7 million per year.”

That is, the slow process of selecting important data for your business can result in several business opportunities and lost revenue.

So if you are often stuck at your desk for a long time, just to organize data manually, or write complex calculations long before you can answer a simple question about the performance of your business, the time has come to fix that flaw.

But how organizing data strategically will help my business?

It is indisputable that having important and useful information always at hand is always an advantage for any business.

This is because, with the data strategically organized, you have the necessary assistance to help your team and managers in decision making, in addition to being able to calculate risks, optimize processes and improve the results of your business in general. When it comes to business-to-business operations, manual errors in data should be avoided at all costs. One option to remedy this is by making use of Sterling B2B integration experts who can enhance your data flow across B2B relationships by automating manual processes.

In this scenario, apart from ppm software that could be used to streamlining business operations, another option stands out as a tool most used by business and project managers, because in addition to being very accessible and practical, it is able to assist in organizing data strategically from inventory control to annual financial reports. And that’s what we’re going to talk about next.

Meet a great ally in organizing your business data: Excel.

The ability to interpret formulas and build mathematical links are just two of the most important attributes that make Excel the most used program among managers, especially small and medium-sized businesses.

The increase in demand for Excel spreadsheets and their more professional Dashboards is due to the fact that these tools are able to simplify the process of seeing the numbers, summarizing metrics and highlighting important indicators for the objectives and goals set by a business.

These characteristics are responsible for bringing more agility and precision in strategic actions to reduce expenses, deadlines and increase business profitability.

A well designed Dashboard, makes data analysis and indicators much easier, in addition to offering several functionalities aimed at supporting business and project managers. This facilitates decision making and results in more profitable projects.

How do Excel spreadsheets help me organize data strategically?

Through Excel, you can use spreadsheets for probably any demand, bringing practicality and organization to any data session your company needs.

See where you can apply the use of Excel spreadsheets to organize your business data strategically:


A well-structured Dashboard facilitates the analysis and reading of the large flow of data and information that this type of business has, such as visits to the page, time spent by the user, access hours, etc.

You can also identify which products bring the most revenue to your store, if applicable, or observe your customers’ buying behavior, through the conversion rate.

Human Resources

With data well distributed and organized in this type of Dashboard, you can help in creating strategies to optimize hiring, reduce costs or decrease the rate of employee turnover, through functions such as period selector, data filter and etc.


Track information of entries, exits made and planned, with the facility of visually practical and pleasant graphics. In addition to having on hand indicators of investment opportunities to optimize your business.

Project management

A great way to keep track of deadlines, project profitability, bottlenecks and deadlines, having in hand the most important indicators for managing your projects, such as allocated volumes, projects in progress and delivered and much more.

As you can see, when data is stored electronically and in an automated way, it becomes even more valuable. That’s because through the right tools, you can be more accurate, more agile and be more assertive in your choices.

But those are not the only benefits of using Excel Spreadsheets to organize data strategically.

In addition to all the adaptations that an Excel spreadsheet presents, it also offers important attributes for your work or personal routine, such as:


If you need to control expenses or remember commitments or goals, having a spreadsheet on hand to consult whenever necessary helps you to not lose focus on what happens with your project.

Data storage

When organizing information and tasks in a spreadsheet, you take that weight off your memory, being able to view in a practical and objective way your tasks, appointments, to-dos or any other important information whenever you need it.


The functionality of programs like MS Excel have very important calculation functions to help you in controlling professional and / or personal finances.


With the power of control over your activities and organization of information, you can set up plans in a practical and fast way. That is, you can set goals or project expenses in the period you need, both personal and professional.

As you can see, Excel spreadsheets and Dashboards are extremely important tools for your business when it comes to organizing data strategically.

Proof of this is that all the features you read above are present in our spreadsheets and dashboards.

Find here the Excel spreadsheets ideal for your need.

Start using one of our Excel spreadsheet templates today, and see the difference that the benefits of these tools can offer to your work or personal routine.

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