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Excel Templates and Dashboards

Excel templates and dashboards

Adnia wants to transform the way you handle data from your business, or personal project, using something as simple as an Excel spreadsheet. We use the essence of Business Intelligence to make you optimize your management, simplifying data analysis and improving business processes through solutions with great visual impact. Below is a sample of what […]


8 tips to be more productive at work and everyday routine using excel spreadsheets.

See 8 tips to be more productive at work. Also, learn habits that hinder your concentration and find out what tools can help you. Productivity at work and on a daily basis is fundamental to the progress of projects and activities. Successful companies are always attentive to the good productivity of their team, guided by […]


9 tips for organizing your personal finances today!

Discover how to organize your personal finances in 9 practical tips. You still have an extra tip for your personal and professional life. Organization is a fundamental part of the success of any project or business, as you well know. Therefore, organizing your personal finances becomes essential for the success of your personal goals. Achieving […]


Learn how to use Excel shortcuts and optimize your time.

Optimize your time and learn how to use 15 Excel shortcuts to gain more agility when working with your spreadsheets. Excel has a huge amount of tools and functions for you to assemble your spreadsheets. And with so many functions, there are still Excel shortcuts to optimize your time. That’s because in Excel, you have […]


Find what you can do with Excel for a successful business management

See what you can do with Excel to improve your business management. Also learn 7 Excel functions to optimize your work routine. Being a business manager is having to deal with a great deal of information every day. This is why many business owners turn to working alongside Enterprise Resource Planning solutions, such as those […]

Excel Templates and Dashboards

How important is it to measure the work of your employees using excel?

Good and effective human resources management is essential for companies and organizations to remain competitive in a scenario of wide competition in all business segments. Measuring and evaluating the performance of employees can be one of the tasks that are assigned to each sector so that the company always seeks the best performance. In the […]

Excel Templates and Dashboards

6 steps to a successful financial planning

Most people’s dream is to have a balanced financial life, isn’t it? Many people fail to achieve this dream due to lack of planning and to go beyond what their budget and monthly income allow. The truth is that there are not many secrets to saving money. With this article, we will help you to […]

Excel Templates and Dashboards

6 things that can help a lot, your reports in Excel

It doesn’t matter if you are moving towards a future career as a data analyst, you want a new skill to improve your job or you want to transform your budget. Knowing how to use Excel definitely makes your life and your business easier. It can be an incredibly powerful tool for searching information and […]

Excel Templates and Dashboards

Curiosities: The History of Excel

Most people are familiar with Microsoft Excel. It has become so popular and synonymous with data and spreadsheets that it is often overlooked that powerful programs like Excel did not always exist, much less in their current format. Big things usually start out as small and, in the world of technology, they are usually created […]

Excel Templates and Dashboards

How to organize your company’s finances in the best way with Excel

The Internet has given everyone the opportunity to start a business. Apps, blogs, freelancers, virtual assistants, online tools – the possibilities are endless. But, if you already have a company in progress, it means that you need to research the best tools to organize your finances, for example. Or, you can choose to simplify things […]

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