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10 Hacks to make your life easier in Excel

Excel is a very popular spreadsheet program, developed by Microsoft, supported by all modern operating systems: macOS, Android, Windows and iOS. In addition, it has a wide variety of features: pivot tables, calculations, graphical tools and Visual Basic – a programming language incorporated in some Microsoft applications. Microsoft creates updates for this program regularly, which […]

The Importance of Tracking a Project’s Expenses

Maybe as most managers and administrators,  you do not wake up in the morning saying that you are excited because you are going to start tracking a project´s expenses. And that’s okay! I also don’t wake up excited like that and feel the same way as you do.  In fact, what is more common is […]

better control your accounts payable and receivable flow

How to better control your accounts payable and receivable flow?

Accounts payable and receivable should be part of financial planning. Discover the secret to better control the flow of your company. Financial organization is necessary to maintain the health of the business. Whether you do this yourself, hire a bookkeeper High Point, or use software, if you don’t know how much money you have coming […]

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