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The Dashboard Design Principles

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In this guide, you will learn the fundamental elements that are involved in dashboard design. You will learn the various definitions related to dashboards and be exposed to various dashboard characteristics. This information will help you design dashboards that are both beautiful and functional.

This guide isn’t targeted to a specific type of software. The concepts learned in this guide can be applied to any tool available.

Let’s begin with a basic introduction to dashboards. Then, as you continue through this guide, you will learn advanced concepts and finish with some suggested reading you can pick up to continue your quest to create amazing dashboards.

This guide was developed in partnership with Visual.is.


Duration: 2 hours

Skill level: Beginner

Language: English

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1.1. What is a dashboard?
1.2. Dashboard Examples
1.3. Why use dashboards?
1.4. Types of Dashboards
1.5. Key Characteristics of a Dashboard

2.1. Visual Perception and Cognition
2.2. Attentive and Pre-Attentive Processing
2.3. The Gestalt Principles
2.4. Conventional Dashboard Design Principles

 3. Colors Palettes for Dashboards
 3.1. Dashboards Palettes Colors Examples

 4.1. Data visualizations
 4.2. Chart Types to Avoid
 4.3. Eliminating Chartjunk
 4.4. Table Design

 5. Focus on the user’s needs

 6. Getting inspiration
 6.1. Specialized Design Sites
 6.2. Google Images
 6.3. Pinterest

 7. Books to Create Better Dashboards

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Common queries answered

Why are dashboard designs so important?

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