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Excel Templates and Dashboards

Excel templates and dashboards

Adnia wants to transform the way you handle data from your business, or personal project, using something as simple as an Excel spreadsheet. We use the essence of Business Intelligence to make you optimize your management, simplifying data analysis and improving business processes through solutions with great visual impact. Below is a sample of what […]


Find what you can do with Excel for a successful business management

See what you can do with Excel to improve your business management. Also learn 7 Excel functions to optimize your work routine. Being a business manager is having to deal with a great deal of information every day. This is why many business owners turn to working alongside Enterprise Resource Planning solutions, such as those […]


Why is Strategic Planning so important to your company’s success?

Understand why your company’s success needs a well-structured Strategic Planning, and know the ideal tool to help you achieve this goal. When you open a business, you start to live with two things hammering in your head all the time: success and failure. Generally, you cannot accurately measure whether you are on your way to […]

Excel Templates and Dashboards

How important is it to measure the work of your employees using excel?

Good and effective human resources management is essential for companies and organizations to remain competitive in a scenario of wide competition in all business segments. Measuring and evaluating the performance of employees can be one of the tasks that are assigned to each sector so that the company always seeks the best performance. In the […]

Excel Templates and Dashboards

Why is task management so important to your business?

Task management must be one of the foundations in any business sector. With a good management and control of demands, the managers or responsible for each sector are able in a practical, fast and objective way to define the tasks and priority activities, to improve the optimization of the teams’ available time of work and, […]

Excel Templates and Dashboards

How to assess the current and potential level of an employee’s contribution to your organization?

Performance appraisals, which provide employers with the opportunity to assess their employees’ contributions to the organization, are essential to the development of a powerful work team. Having happy employees is crucial to a successful company, which is why companies such as golden bolt memphis and many more are focused on keeping up their employee loyalty […]

Excel Templates and Dashboards

The importance of sales and commission KPIs for your business

How is your company’s sales team at this very moment? Is it productive? Is your team using a solution like Vertify (seen here) to boost sales? Can the team keep up with the constantly changing market? Or are you struggling to find new cusomers? Are the sales figures low? As a leader, analyzing and measuring […]

Excel Templates and Dashboards

How Excel can increase your work productivity?

Excel is a powerful tool and an important ally when it comes to productivity. Use Adnia’s premium Excel templates to organize and optimize work. Using productivity spreadsheets in Excel, organizing the work routine is much more efficient. Thus, through a set of data and performance indicators (KPI) it is possible to optimize the time spent […]

Excel Templates and Dashboards

Business Intelligence (BI) in Excel

Using Business Intelligence (BI) in Excel is a smart way to optimize your business. Due to the high competitiveness and market demand, companies need to make more decisions based on data analysis. In this sense, Business Intelligence (BI) is a way to gather and explore information to discover advantages for your business. This can be […]

excel for business

What is the importance of using Excel in business?

Check out why Excel is so used in business and what are their real benefits The use of Excel in companies is a market reality, the reason is because its features are indispensable for those who want to have organization, data storage and also look for saving time and resources. It can be one of […]

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