Marketing Budget Excel Template 2.0


The Adnia Marketing Budget is an Excel spreadsheet template designed to help you manage your company’s marketing budget. This template allows you to control your budget and expenses by category including social media, web marketing, content marketing, research, local marketing, public relations and other.

Key Features

  • Allocate and monitor marketing budgets by month and category (expense)
  • Track and control variable expenses
  • Easily keep your team informed
  • Provide actionable insights
  • Generate complete reports (budget versus actual, expenses, balance and more)

What is included?

  • One template with sample data
  • One template ready to receive your data

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Easy to Use, with Immediate Business Results

  • Spreadsheets ready for printing without Adnia logo;
  • No monthly fees;
  • Immediate download;
  • Help and support after your purchase;
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Get the most out of your marketing. Track your marketing expenses monthly and compare with your estimated budget. Use our dashboard reports visualize and follow your budget to avoid unpleasant surprises. This template will help you track and adjust your budget over time as your needs change.

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Simple and Professional

  • Spreadsheets ready for printing without Adnia logo
  • No monthly fees
  • Immediate download
  • Secure payment with Stripe and PayPal (no PayPal account needed)

Available forms:

  • Marketing Categories
  • Budget per Month
  • Suppliers
  • Marketing Expenses

Available reports:

  • Marketing Budget Dashboard
  • Marketing Budget By Category
  • Marketing Budget By Subcategory
  • Marketing Expenses By Supplier

Other Information

  • Built for Excel 2010 or later
  • Licensed for Private Use Only (not for distribution or resale)

The template may NOT be sold, distributed, published to an online gallery, hosted on a website, or placed on any server in a way that makes it available to the general public.

Help & Support
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