CRM Excel Spreadsheet Template 3.0


The Custumer Relationship Management (CRM) is an Excel Spreadsheet designed to analyze the interactions with your customers. Use this template to provide better customer service, enhance sales process and cross sell products more effectively. Ensure long-term customer loyalty and back-up your management decisions with good data are the purposes of this CRM template.

Key features

  • Provides actionable insights to retain customers and attract new ones
  • Monitor sales progress and your lead sources
  • Easily keep your sales team informed
  • Consolidate all your customer relationship KPI in one place
  • Multilingual template: Select one of the available languages (English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian ) or manually translate to the language of your choice

What is included?

  • Sample Data – CRM Excel Template 3.0.xlsm (one template with sample data)
  • CRM Excel Template 3.0.xlsm (one template ready to receive your data)

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CRM Excel Template 3.0 - Cover
CRM Excel Spreadsheet Template 3.0

Introducing the CRM Excel Template 3.0

An intuitive approach to understanding and nurturing your customer base.

Our CRM Excel template doesn’t just serve as a record-keeping tool. It’s a comprehensive system crafted to analyze, enhance, and sustain interactions with your customers. At its core, it’s designed to empower businesses to provide exceptional customer service, refine the sales process, and deploy cross-selling strategies effectively.

Core Benefits

  • Enhanced Customer Retention: This CRM Excel template provides actionable insights to not only retain current customers but to captivate new ones.
  • Streamlined Sales Monitoring: Keep a tab on your sales trajectory and understand the origins of your leads.
  • Team Alignment: A harmonized sales team is a productive one. Our template ensures every team member is on the same page, updated in real-time.
  • Unified KPI Dashboard: Dive deep into your customer relationship metrics, all compiled in one consolidated space
  • Multilingual Support: Catering to a global audience? No worries. Choose from one of our ready-to-use languages (English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian) or adapt it to the language that fits your demographic.

Step into the future of CRM with our Excel solution. As businesses evolve, so should their tools. Choose CRM Excel Template 3.0 and experience the fusion of simplicity, functionality, and results.

What’s new in CRM Excel Temmplate 3.0

  • Expanded Status Pipeline: Now accommodating a total of eight statuses to capture every stage of your customer’s journey.
  • Dashboard Reimagined: Dive into an upgraded, more intuitive dashboard.
  • Report Diversification: We’ve introduced four new reports – Monthly Report, Salespersons Report, Companies Report, and Products & Services Report.
  • Optimized Performance: Enjoy quicker results and reduced processing time with our updated performance gain formulas.

CRM Excel Template 3.0 – Tutorial Video

Simple and professional CRM Excel Template

  • Horizontal menu for easy navigation between pages
  • Secure payment with PayPal or Stripe (no account needed)
  • Fully unlocked template

Other Information

  • Built for Excel 2010 or later
  • Licensed for Private Use Only (not for distribution or resale)

The template may NOT be sold, distributed, published to an online gallery, hosted on a website, or placed on any server in a way that makes it available to the general public.


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