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Creating Actual vs Target Chart in Excel

Creating Actual vs Target Chart in Excel – Tutorial Video

Actual-versus-target charts are Excel charts which demonstrate the comparison between actual and target performance. Best uses for actual-versus-target charts would be a comparison among a group and how each performed versus his/her target, or comparison of time periods for performance. So, something like department budget achievement month-over-month. [embedvideo type=”youtube” id=”rPRAVk4gDGM”] [gap height=”35″]

How to use Conditional Formatting Icon Sets in Excel – Tutorial Video

Conditional formatting icons are a visualization tool you can use to quickly and easily bring attention to comparisons using icons provided within Excel. In this video tutorial, you’ll learn how to use this great Excel feature. [embedvideo type=”youtube” id=”KhJLD4s8N6k”] [gap height=”35″]

New Adnia Spreadsheet Templates

New Adnia Excel Templates Released in November

Adnia Solutions is excited to present three new Excel templates released in November. These products have been thoughtfully designed to simplify data recording and reporting. And, with your business needs in mind, all three templates are multi-language and visually appealing. Need a little something extra? We can customize our templates to maximize your productivity. Contact […]

Create Sparkline in Excel

How to create Sparklines in Excel – Tutorial Video

In this video tutorial, you’ll learn how to create awesome sparklines using Microsoft Excel. We hope you enjoy this tutorial, and feel free to download the sample file used in this video training at the end of the post. [embedvideo type=”youtube” id=”Y93KIw0n3e4″] [gap height=”35″]

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