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Excel spreadsheet assists in real estate organization and management

The real estate spreadsheet is a very efficient tool and helps in the organization, being a decisive factor in the results of the Realtor. With a competitive real estate market and the various financial instabilities of the last few years, it has shown that the success of real estate agencies depends, above all, on their […]

Dashborads: Data discovery, analysis and collaboration

Visual analysis enables unlimited data exploration through Dashboards. These interactive dashboards allow quick discoveries from the available data.   In a simple way, a dashboard is a collection of data organized in a graphic frame. When properly used, they allow a quick evaluation of the processes, helping in decision making. They use graphs to show […]

How Excel can increase your work productivity?

Excel is a powerful tool and an important ally when it comes to productivity. Use Adnia’s premium Excel templates to organize and optimize work. Using productivity spreadsheets in Excel, organizing the work routine is much more efficient. Thus, through a set of data and performance indicators (KPI) it is possible to optimize the time spent […]

excel skills

Excel is one of the most valued professional skills on the market.

According to research, proficiency in Excel is one of the essential skills that every professional should have. Check it out below. The job market is increasingly demanding with professionals. In addition, there are technology skills considered critical for professionals in any industry. According to research by Experts Exchange, an online support site and training focused […]

Excel as the foundation of financial education

Excel can be an ally in teaching financial education. This way you can learn early on the importance of savings, investments and income. Planning the future can be a difficult task as it requires a lot of organization and financial control. From coming up with budgets to looking into Breeze disability insurance to controlling your […]

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