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How can kanban help you in times of crisis?

Kanban is a methodology for controlling and managing activities through the system of colored cards, which are generally known as post-it notes. It is also called visual management, because its system is based on the use of colors to signal activities. The method is quite simple and uses easily accessible items, which are already widely […]

How to put together the best possible presentation in Excel

When we talk about Excel, we are referring not only to a spreadsheet full of numbers and long tables. This is only a part of that software. It is also important to understand that more than that, excel spreadsheets can be professional, elegant and visually easy to read resources to attract and impact your audience […]

The importance of sales and commission KPIs for your business

How is your company’s sales team at this very moment? Is it productive? Is your team using a solution like Vertify (seen here) to boost sales? Can the team keep up with the constantly changing market? Or are you struggling to find new cusomers? Are the sales figures low? As a leader, analyzing and measuring […]

Find out what VLOOKUP is and how it can optimize your search in an Excel spreadsheet

Excel spreadsheets are known to have a wide range of formulas and functions. Each function is designed to perform calculations using specific values ​​in a given order. Something that sometimes intrigues users is the VLOOKUP. Several people who use Excel have heard of the VLOOKUP function, but do not understand how it works or even […]

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