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Learn about the 11 indicators to optimize your HR recruitment process

Understand the importance that an efficient hiring process has for your business, and what are the indicators that will increase your assertiveness. You already know the saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. But do you know how to get your business team to this point? It is clear that everything starts with the […]

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The most important metrics in Saas

Through these 10 metrics, you will lead your business to success. Learn the main method for leveraging your Saas or Startup. With entrepreneurship on the rise, every day new businesses appear with a common characteristic: bringing an innovation to the market, whether in a new product or in a service that no one has thought […]

How important is it to measure the work of your employees?

Good and effective human resources management is essential for companies and organizations to remain competitive in a scenario of wide competition in all business segments. Measuring and evaluating the performance of employees can be one of the tasks that are assigned to each sector so that the company always seeks the best performance. In the […]

KPIs: understand the importance of key performance indicators

Do you know what KPIs are and what they are for? After 5W2H, PDCA, ERP, IPO and many other acronyms in the corporate business environment, the KPI is the acronym of the time. Key Performance Indicators are highly relevant metrics for measuring the performance of a strategy and management processes. Through the analysis of KPIs, […]

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