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New Adnia Spreadsheet Templates

New Adnia Spreadsheet Templates Released in July and August

We have been working hard this summer to deliver new spreadsheet templates to maximize your business and personal budgets. In July and August, we released two more templates- the SEO Metrics Template that can help you monitor your website’s performance, and the Trip Budget Template that can help you budget for that next adventure.

SEO Metrics Dashboard Template

The SEO Metrics Dashboard is an Excel spreadsheet template that helps you track 16 of the most important SEO indicators. Monitor the performance of your website or blog and more easily manage your ranking in search engines. Of course, if you need some help getting your company seen more, you may want to try looking at Gotch SEO for ideas to use alongside this document.

This template has an easy-to-read SEO Dashboard and reports including Conversions Report, Visits Report, Traffic Keywords Report, and Quality Organic Visits Report. Whilst many will still continue to use SEO services (my choice is OutreachPete, for the record), this template can help anyone get to grips with everything involved. There are 16 pre-defined SEO indicators including Click Through Rate, Total Conversion Rate, Total Visits and many more! This will help you avoid free local SEO audit offers and instead be able to see exactly what is working and what isn’t.

If you don’t really understand all of this but you’re willing to give it ago. You may want to get some advice from an award-winning agency like Indexsy. In doubt, you can sack the template and see if Indexsy is able to carry your SEO targets. I’m sure they’ll deliver. Give the template ago, to begin with though, it’s taken us hours to craft and get ready!

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Travel Budget Template

The Adnia Travel Budget Planning is an Excel spreadsheet to help you reach your vacation budget goals. As usual, the visuals are simple and beautifully designed to give you an overall picture of your budget and expenses. Avoid expensive surprises- just estimate the costs of your trip, record your actual expenses as they happen and then compare the expenses with your budget. You can even keep track of how many days are left until departure using the trip countdown in the dashboard.

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