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8 tips to be more productive at work and everyday routine using excel spreadsheets.

See 8 tips to be more productive at work. Also, learn habits that hinder your concentration and find out what tools can help you.

Productivity at work and on a daily basis is fundamental to the progress of projects and activities.

Successful companies are always attentive to the good productivity of their team, guided by a list of good workflow and concentration practices.

But even outside a company or a business, you can also be responsible for improving your productivity.

With a good production process, you start to work better and deliver quality in each activity.

As a result, you get better results on a daily basis.

But before you know how to improve productivity, you must first know the main enemy of your day: procrastination.

An evil that drains your energy little by little and, without you realizing it, ends up making you lose an entire day.

So, to avoid this evil that prevents you from being more productive, check these 3 attitudes caused by procrastination that you need to eliminate from your routine.

3 enemies of your productivity

1 – Do everything at the same time (multitasking).

Sometimes you may find that proposing to do multiple tasks at the same time makes you more productive.

But in fact, you end up not being able to solve one thing or the other, and it still greatly increases the chances of making mistakes in each activity.

All of this because of the scattered focus.

So, the best thing to do to improve your productivity is to select all similar tasks and perform them in sequence.

This way, you prevent your concentration from being interrupted, and you gain more agility and security when performing your activities.

2 – Check your Social Media too much.

Keeping an eye on your cell phone and email or message notifications on social media ends up sucking all your attention and hindering your concentration.

This way, you end up delaying other activities that are important to your workflow.

So, to end this interruption in your concentration while working, set an hour just to check for these notifications.

Keep your email, your cell phone or the Social Media tabs always closed, and open only at the designated time.

3 – Do not take care of your health.

Tiredness, indisposition, discouragement and those uncomfortable pains can greatly impair your productivity.

And there is no better way to remove these obstacles to your productivity than to lead a healthy life. For example, if you think your vitamin levels are too low, make sure to stock up on vitamins such as quicksilver liposomal vitamin c and many more to remedy that problem. Sometimes productivity is low due to not consuming the right foods, vitamins or nutrients.

That is, factors such as poor diet, physical inactivity and disorganized routine should be cut as soon as possible.

Start prioritizing the quality of your sleep, playing sports, respecting the 3 main meals, with foods rich in vitamins and supplements that could help you in improving the overall health of your body like nucific bio x4 and similar others.

Now, let’s get to what you can do to be more productive at work and also on a daily basis. Keep up with us.

8 tips to be more productive at work

1 – Plan your day the night before

To be more productive at work, a good strategy is to organize and plan the next day before bed.

In 5 minutes, you can list all the tasks and activities for the next day, and set priorities.

That way, you sleep more peacefully, without worrying about what lies ahead the next day. Especially because you already know what to do and where to start.

2 – List the most difficult tasks first

Now that you have listed and prioritized your activities, it is also important to place the most difficult ones at the top of your list.

Because in this way, when performing the most challenging tasks first, your day’s schedule gets lighter.

3 – Identify your productivity periods

Have you ever stopped to think about what time of day you can produce more?

We all have an hour or a very good production sequence throughout the day, and others not so much.

So, if you are a person who produces better in the morning, direct the most difficult tasks of your day to that period.

Or if you are better in the afternoon, or even at night, use the same logic.

Make tasks lighter for the period you least like.

4 – Prioritize what should be done

Tasks that are not urgent to perform, or that are on your list more because they are pleasant or desire, need to be removed.

By constantly evaluating the things you do and reflecting on your real importance at that moment, you will end up discovering a lot of activities that are just taking your time.

So try to cut these activities off your list, so you can make your day more productive.

5 – Make your list a habit

Having a list of things to do always at hand helps you to identify the tasks that need to be done in your day.

This helps you to reduce the mental effort of having to keep remembering them.

But of course, you are subject to urgent demands that sooner or later appear.

When this happens, put them on the list next to or below the task you are currently doing.

So you don’t forget the urgent appointment that came up. If it’s not that urgent, you might as well add it to the next day’s list.

By making it a habit to use a to-do list, you greatly improve your organization and efficiency in activities.

To do this, look for a list option or organizational spreadsheet that you can change whenever you need to.

6 – Reward yourself

A good incentive can liven up your daily activities.

So try to establish small rewards for each goal achieved in the day, month and year.

Remember to define rewards that are compatible with your level of effort in each goal, and that have good relevance for yourself.

You can reward a productive day of work by doing a pleasurable activity in the time left over at the end of the day.

A drive-in movie, a wine night or a happy hour at home with friends and family are great options.

Or in a year of goals achieved with praise, give yourself the holiday trip you’ve always wanted.

7 – Create the right environment

If you are working from home, try to work from one place regularly to get the essence of home office space.

Create a positive workspace, get a house plant.

If the temperature is not right, make use of your cooling or heating system. If it is not working, you can call companies like Front Range HVAC (hvac contractors Denver) to get them fixed. The temperature and immediate working space can affect your work productivity. So do get them sorted.

8 – Use productivity tools and resources

Today you can count on great tools to help you be more productive on a daily basis.

The resources and articles on sites like zenicate.com
are also a great way for you to access advice and guidance on how to stay productive.

On top of this, you have on your smartphone, tablet or notebook options that help you create and organize your to-do lists, take notes and more.

By keeping all tasks and information relevant to your day organized in a specific tool, it becomes easier to be productive.

But remember to have an option that gives you the flexibility to access and change your lists whenever you need to.

Thinking about it, we have a great tip for you to get organized and improve your productivity today.

Check out.

Discover 3 tools that will help you improve productivity

You can keep all your day, week and month tasks very well organized and easy to be identified using Productivity Excel Spreadsheet Templates from Adnia Solutions

With them, you also have access to reports to measure your performance, and status by task to monitor day by day.

Check out 3 powerful Excel spreadsheet templates to help you be more productive:

1 – Adnia Gantt Chart Excel Template

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2 – Adnia Automated Weekly Schedule Excel Template

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3Adnia Automated Kanban Excel Template

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Transform your day-to-day activities into a productive and satisfying routine.

Experience the impact that Adnia Solutions’ ready to use spreadsheets and powerful Dashboards can bring to your personal and work routine.

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