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The importance of strategic planning in an organization

Every company needs to be goal oriented!

Every successful company has a plan and knows where it is going in the future. Taking the time to review the company’s past performance and predict its future performance provides a roadmap to follow.

But if you stick it in a drawer and let dust accumulate, it won’t serve as the foundation of your business, as it should.

The importance of strategic planning

Excel Templates and Dashboards

1) Gives a sense of direction to all teams

It is very significant for management and company employees to realize the importance of strategic planning as well as to follow the actions proposed by that planning.

Often, with the increase in work pressures and the need to satisfy customer demands and meet strict deadlines, the company loses its responsibility and moves away from real goals and targets.

And, by adopting the strategic planning aspect, each and every team member gets a sense of direction and knows where to go with a properly structured plan in mind. It is absolutely imperative to have a long-term vision for the organization to grow in the market.

2) Competitive advantage in the market

A company with an action plan and a strategy in mind, accomplishes its goals and objectives before its competitors in the market, gaining competitive advantage.

Strategic planning involves the study of market conditions, research on the next moves of competitors, the creation of innovative product ideas and customer satisfaction.

3) Innovation

As discussed in the previous point, understanding the importance of strategic planning and following it, the company creates products and services that highlight aspects of innovation.

As well as in strategic planning and in the contributions of the internal team, external parties and specialists; the company plans the offer strategy, unique and exclusive in the market, and will certainly increase sales, profit margins and brand value.

4) Make the company proactive by nature

Realizing the importance of strategic planning helps the organization to be more proactive, rather than being reactive to future issues and problems in achieving goals and objectives.

Although the achievement of all short and long term goals, problems and issues will arise, as long as the company follows the fundamentals of strategic planning, it becomes more proactive in predicting the problems that are coming.

5) Increases productivity and operational efficiency

With the right strategy and plan, there is an increase in productivity and operational efficiency levels for the entire company.

The team knows and understands all tasks and how to perform them in the most efficient and effective way.

Strategic Plan Template - Actions Plan Dashboard

A properly formulated strategic plan acts as a plan or roadmap for the company to achieve its objectives. It also helps to maintain harmony with members and departments, as well as a positive and healthy work atmosphere.

6) Higher sales and profits

When the company follows strategic planning in each of its facets and business operations, it is rapidly moving towards achieving the goal of greater sales and profits. For instance, if a company isn’t getting its target clients, having a strategic plan to meet the goals could help. The team responsible for such targets might hire an SEO Company that can carry out the digital marketing strategies and help them become visible online to the potential customer base. This could not only boost sales but also help the website rank higher in terms of visibility amongst competitor websites. Therefore, hiring a digital marketing company (like Firefly Digital) could prove to be a boon for your business to kickstart as they would identify the product opportunities of the clients and curate their ads around that.

7) Keeps employees motivated

As mentioned above, following the strategic planning route helps the company to have a sense of direction and employees are well aware and informed about how to achieve the assigned short and long term goals. And when they are given the tasks and responsibilities according to their knowledge and professional qualifications, together with the appropriate rewards, they feel highly motivated and do their best.

8) Attracts financial investors

The company continues to require investments and financial funds from third parties, such as banks, private equity and investors, in order to expand its business, offering an innovative range of products and services to customers.

9) Minimizes risk

Any and all commercial and sectors domains must work with the risk factor in question. But, if the company realizes and follows the importance of strategic planning and makes each movement understand the nuances and intricacies, the risk factor is minimal.


For a business to grow and expand its operations, it is crucial to understand the importance and implement Strategic Planning within the company.

Planning the future of your business is the best way to ensure success. It may seem strange and difficult at first, but with practice, you can move your business in the right direction.

Currently, there are many online tools designed to establish and monitor the objectives and action plan that drive your company’s performance.

This is the case of the Strategic Plan Excel Template developed by Adnia. By using it, your business grows and you are able to manage risks and opportunities with key performance indicators (KPI).

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  1. Kristofer Van Wagner

    You make an excellent point that strategic planning is important as it gives our business a competitive edge. Assuming that I own a business, I would definitely want the edge. I will be sure to keep this tip in mind.

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