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New Adnia Spreadsheet Templates

New Adnia Spreadsheet Templates Released in September

September has been very productive for us here at Adnia Solutions. We have rolled out four new Excel spreadsheet templates to help you maximize efficiency. Each has a sleek and easily interpretable dashboard. Communicate with our beautiful visuals. All our templates are carefully designed with your business in mind.

1) Marketing Budget Excel Template

Stay on top of your marketing goals and budget. The Adnia Marketing Budget is a spreadsheet template that will help you track and adjust your budget over time as your needs change. Control variable expenses, stick to your budget and avoid unpleasant surprises. View your marketing expenses monthly and by category. This solution generates complete reports and provides actionable insights to help you communicate with your team and get the most out of your marketing. Multi-lingual.

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2) Daily Sales Tracking Template

The Adnia Daily Sales Tracking template is an Excel spreadsheet for tracking daily sales by individual salesperson. Set sales goals by month or year and monitor individual and group productivity. Everything you need to encourage your sales team is right here. Create a motivating sales board with our appealing visuals- reports, charts and rankings. Multi-lingual.

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3) Simple Inventory Management Template

If you don’t wish to use inventory software then the template can help uncomplicate your inventory process. Manage inventory levels and reorder products when you need them. Control inventory to provide better customer service. Adnia Simple Inventory Management is an Excel spreadsheet template created for you to track inventory and increase efficiency, akin to the software used for Sage 50 management systems. Everything you need on one easy-to-read dashboard- there’s even a convenient low inventory color alert for product reorder. Multi-lingual. You might also want to learn more about how to calculate inventory turnover among other inventory management techniques.

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4) Automated Excel Invoice Template

Accurate, professional looking invoices that are easy and fast? Yes, we can help with that! The Adnia Automated Invoice Template is an Excel spreadsheet for generating invoices more efficiently. Just add your data once and the Invoice template will automatically calculate the price per product, tax and total purchase price. Organize your customers’ contact data in one place. Set different currencies and taxes. Send your customers a beautiful invoice customized with your logo.

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