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Dashboard and Balanced Scorecard: know the differences

Dashboard and Balanced Scorecard: know the differences

There are many tools that companies use to manipulate and understand data. Because of all the options, it is natural that there is a difficulty in understanding and a certain confusion between some of the terms. For example, do you know the difference between dashboard and balanced scorecard? Know the differences in this article! What’s […]

The importance of details in a dashboard

The importance of details in a dashboard

The answer often lies in the details. When facing a problem, especially in a company, there are numerous factors that can influence each decision. For this reason, tools such as the dashboard are used to facilitate management processes. And you often have to pay attention to details on a dashboard to succeed. Dashboard definition First, […]


How small businesses are redefining their business intelligence using Excel?

Many business leaders believe Excel to be a key component of business intelligence. With the appropriate access to data, it can be an exceptional business intelligence tool. It can help with a myriad of needs for small businesses, from correlating data, to working out money expenses. With any and all new small businesses whatever they […]


How can a creative Excel spreadsheet improve your way to show data?

Why use Excel? The Excel spreadsheet can be an essential tool for your business. It can be used for numerous reasons, but its primary use is for organizing and categorizing data into a logical format. Excel, as a spreadsheet, can be used to store all kinds of data; financial data, employee data, customer data, product […]


Excel Sales Performance Dashboard

Track sales performance with the help of a sales dashboard in Excel. A sales performance dashboard makes it easy to track key performance indicators and other information that are vital to your sales team. See in this article some examples of sales performance dashboards. Sales Dashboard Get a quick overview of sales with the help […]


The Best KPI Dashboard Templates for Excel

You want to manage a variety of key performance indicators (KPIs), and that means you need a template. The right KPI template makes tracking a cinch. Check out some of the best templates for KPI tracking and then make your decision. Adnia KPI Management Template 1 Easily manage KPIs with Adnia KPI Management Template 1. […]

New Adnia Spreadsheet Templates

Two Adnia Solutions Excel Templates Released in March 2018

Adnia Solutions introduced two new business-focused template tools in March. Each Excel spreadsheet template is multilingual and designed to simplify your recordkeeping, organize your data in one place, and help you keep your business running smoothly. [gap height=”20″] Cash Flow Management Template Cash flow management is critical to the success of any business. Monitor yours […]

Excel Templates for Business

Excel Templates for Business

With over 37 Excel templates for business available today, we have just what you need. We have templates available for different domains and industries, including Human Resources, Marketing, Financial, Social Media, Real Estate, and Sales, and we add new templates every month. If you want to get more out of your data, our Excel templates […]

New Adnia Spreadsheet Templates

New Adnia Excel Templates Released in January and February 2018

Adnia Solutions is starting 2018 off with 5 new tools to streamline your business reporting and analysis. Get the answers you need and save time! Each of our Excel spreadsheet templates is multilingual and carefully designed to work hard for you. [gap height=”20″] Cash Flow Dashboard Template Always know where your business stands financially. The […]

Creating Actual vs Target Chart in Excel

Creating Actual vs Target Chart in Excel – Tutorial Video

Actual-versus-target charts are Excel charts which demonstrate the comparison between actual and target performance. Best uses for actual-versus-target charts would be a comparison among a group and how each performed versus his/her target, or comparison of time periods for performance. So, something like department budget achievement month-over-month. [embedvideo type=”youtube” id=”rPRAVk4gDGM”] [gap height=”35″]

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