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New Adnia Spreadsheet Templates

New Adnia Excel Templates Released in January and February 2018

Adnia Solutions is starting 2018 off with 5 new tools to streamline your business reporting and analysis. Get the answers you need and save time! Each of our Excel spreadsheet templates is multilingual and carefully designed to work hard for you.

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Cash Flow Dashboard Template

Always know where your business stands financially. The Adnia Solution’s Cash Flow Dashboard helps you to visualize your monthly cash flow situation and stay on track. Prevent costly mistakes by identifying areas that need corrective action. Let this Excel spreadsheet dashboard template do the heavy-lifting, so you can stay focused on your business.

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Real Estate Agent Dashboard

Adnia Solution’s Real Estate Agent Dashboard is designed for you to monitor the performance of your sales team based on goals that you set. Easily compare sales by month, agent, etc. and adjust your goals accordingly. Enter data for up to 5 agents and this Excel spreadsheet template provides beautiful visuals that can be used to celebrate your employees’ achievements.

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Real Estate KPI Dashboard

Fifteen performance indicators are used in the Real Estate KPI dashboard to give you the information you need to stay current and organized. Compare sales by agent and team at the same time with this sleek Excel spreadsheet template. Display your company’s accomplishments and keep your team motivated.

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Social Media Dashboard Template

Social media marketing is an important part of any business looking to reach their audience and expand their online influence. Some businesses outsource their social media management to companies similar to SidesMedia (https://sidesmedia.com/), who specializes in social media marketing and growth. Other businesses choose to do their social media marketing in-house. When creating social media accounts for businesses, it’s so important to try and create a significant audience to ensure you can promote your products and services. Whilst this can seem difficult to do, companies like Nitreo can help businesses to grow their Instagram accounts for social media marketing. Before investing in Nitreo, it might be worth reading a review of that company by Socialfollow to make sure that the company is trustworthy. Hopefully, that should help more businesses to enjoy marketing to a bigger audience, allowing you to be confident in your company’s social media marketing efforts. Adnia Solution’s Social Media Dashboard template organizes all of your Social Media Metrics in one place and provides the actionable insights you need to be successful in your next campaign.

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Social Media KPI Template

The Social Media KPI template helps you analyze your social media marketing efforts. This professional-level Excel spreadsheet template tracks your company’s social media performance as a whole. Monitor your performance over time, share your successes and identify areas requiring action.

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