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How can a creative Excel spreadsheet improve your way to show data?

Why use Excel?

The Excel spreadsheet can be an essential tool for your business. It can be used for numerous reasons, but its primary use is for organizing and categorizing data into a logical format. Excel, as a spreadsheet, can be used to store all kinds of data; financial data, employee data, customer data, product data, etc. It can also be improved and customized with an Excel plugin for conjoint analysis to better suit your business’ needs.

Moreover, you can use Excel for:

  • Keeping a track of your business accounts
  • Monitoring budget and spending of your business
  • Assisting data exports
  • Identifying errors and inaccuracies in your database
  • Generating charts and reports, etc.

The one problem with excel is that it’s not easily readable for users – all the cells and formulas can sometimes be overwhelming. To counter this, Adnia Solutions comes up with countless ways to help you make your experience with Excel as simple as possible.

Why use a creative Excel Sheet?

You and your business can benefit from using Adnia Solution’s wide variety of Excel spreadsheets in the following ways:

  1. Make your data easy to read – What’s better; presenting your data in thousands of rows and columns or presenting it in charts? The right answer is obviously the second option. By using different charts and graphs (pie chart, bar graphs, histograms, line charts, etc.) you represent data in a simple yet effective way. Moreover, by converting a huge amount of data into a compact visual summation, you can read and interpret a lot of data in little time.
  2. Grasping the attention of your audience – Whether you’re presenting to a client or your boss, using creative spreadsheets are a sure way to grab the attention of your audience. You can choose templates according to the people you address and create a visual aesthetic to keep them engaged throughout.
  3. Saving Time – In this day and age, time is money. Using creative templates provided by Adnia Solutions give you fast and efficient ways to show your data. Thus, saving a lot of time that would have been otherwise spent entering, interpreting, and reading your data.
  4. Faster Action – Research suggests that the human brain tends to react faster to visual representation rather than written information. So, the use of visual representation would ensure rapid comprehension and faster responses.
  5. Communicate data in a constructive way – Most business reports are often filled with long elaborations that make it almost impossible to highlight and understand information. However, spreadsheets can make encapsulation of complex data possible. This makes it easier to engage executives and partners on problems or unresolved issues.
  6. Productive interaction with data – A huge benefit of data visualization via spreadsheets is that it allows its users to explore, manipulate and uncover hidden factors within the data. This, in turn, creates a productive attitude for data analyses.
  7. Welcoming Emerging Trends – By using creative spreadsheet templates, business leaders can more easily identify market shifts or trends in data sets.

Why is Adnia Solutions your best option?

Adnia Solutions offers you a wide variety of templates to choose from – with hundreds of features that help you achieve your data presentation goals. You can trust the team of Adnia Solutions to cater to your needs and satisfaction. Hurry up and subscribe to our newsletter today to get notified about new features and templates!

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