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New Adnia Spreadsheet Templates

New Adnia Excel Templates Released in November

Adnia Solutions is excited to present three new Excel templates released in November. These products have been thoughtfully designed to simplify data recording and reporting. And, with your business needs in mind, all three templates are multi-language and visually appealing.

Need a little something extra? We can customize our templates to maximize your productivity. Contact us today to see what we can create for you. Quality templates, beautiful design. Adnia is committed to developing new and useful products that work hard for you.

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1) Human Resources Budget Template

Stay on top of your HR budget and make the most of your resources. The HR Budget Template is a solution that reduces input time and calculation errors. This Excel spreadsheet template features a dashboard that helps you to easily visualize your budget, expenses and compare trends over time. You can make decisions about variable expenses with confidence because you have the data to back them up. Then, communicate those decisions with our complete professional-looking reports.

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2) Financial Dashboard Template

Let us help you visualize your financial data and track the fiscal performance of your business. The Financial Dashboard Template is an Excel spreadsheet designed to make data entry faster and easier. This dashboard gives you the complete picture of your financial status using a total of 18 indicators – enter the data for 11 indicators and the rest are calculated automatically. Update and share financial information and communicate with your employees in seconds.

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3) Mileage Tracker Template

Breeze through mileage reimbursement requests using the Adnia Mileage Tracker. This Excel spreadsheet template can be used to track travel for mileage reimbursement, tax deductions, budgeting or vehicle maintenance. Keep all your records in one place.

This mileage log book is a simple solution for individuals or businesses. You only have to list the trip’s purpose and odometer readings, and the template calculates the rest for you. The Mileage Reimbursement Calculator makes reporting quick and easy.

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