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05 great tips for the management and administration of an HR department

Whether you hire hr consultants, have your own in-house team, or are only big enough to have a single person in charge of HR, the proper management of the HR department is crucial.

Because every company or organization that has employees, whether large, medium or even small, needs to have a good control of their employees’ payments.

Vacations, regular wages, employee benefits and more accounts payable can become a mess without a very well-organized organization of the financial life of any company’s human resources department.

The complexity of payroll is why so many businesses use the solutions offered by places like America’s Preferred Payroll Company to help ensure all their payroll and scheduling is correct.

Therefore, in this article, we will talk about ways to control this budget so that it does not harm your company or business.

1) Track HR Indicators

All companies need frequent analysis in their respective sectors to create a culture of maximum production with lower costs. This is the premise of any organization: maximizing profits by reducing costs, always respecting all ethical and legal limits.

So, in order for us to reach this objective, the analysis of KPIs – Key Performance Indicators -, are extremely important to analyze and correct any errors that may be happening and thus increase the profitability of the sector in question.

When it comes to HR, it is no different, but the analysis will take place within the employees of the entire company.

  • Some examples of Human Resources KPIs: :
  • Employee satisfaction index;
  • Absence rate;
  • Turnover index;
  • Employee productivity rate;
  • Relationship overtime and hours worked;
  • Payroll Expenses.

Such KPIs bring to the company a complete notion of the progress and production, the organizational culture, the payroll and even how involved the employees are in relation to the organization.

In this case, financially speaking, the control of all this information can mean big gains in profitability for any company. If a business mishandles their payroll in some way which leads to accounting problems, specifically relating to tax, then they may want to check out tax-resolution-services-payroll-tax-problems to help them get over the tricky business of their often complex tax situation. It’s usually best to use the services of experienced professionals in the field in order to avoid further frustration.

2) Fire or promote?

The dismissal or promotion of employees within the business context can have major consequences for the HR department’s budget. It is very important to evaluate the performance, characteristics of each employee in isolation, so that the best decision can be taken, whether for promotion or for the dismissal of employees.

Experts on the topic believe that a ranking of employee performance can help in this decision:

10% above average) – must receive promotion;

10% below average – must be dismissed;

Remaining 80%, of which 40% are on average higher and 40% on lower average will receive training.

3) Don’t make the known mistakes

We cannot really fall into old mistakes already known in the business world. Usually, one of the most problematic points for managing the HR budget is actually the employees’ payroll.

A small error in this step can cause very serious problems for the entire management strategy in the sector.

So wage issues, employee benefits and union resolutions are crucial points in managing any budget in a human resources department. Attention to these issues must be taken into consideration so that bigger problems are avoided.

4) Study cost savings

The reduction in operating costs is generally only well done after a large analysis of the situation, and good management always takes into account the constant reduction in operating costs. One thing leads to another.

With this in mind, when managing the HR department of any company, it is extremely important that we use all available resources so that we can optimize operations and lower costs.

Investment in new technologies is usually a great solution to these issues. Budget control and people management tools for smart recruitment are some examples of how to put this into practice.

Another good alternative is also the exchange of the employees’ overtime payment for an hour bank, thus, the extra time worked is compensated in the form of additional time off without burdening the company’s cash.

5) Benchmarking

The use of comparison logic has been used for many years in the business sector. It is about comparing performance indicators with the competitor and making an in-depth analysis of what can be changed in your own organization according to the success of the other.

In this sense, the budget issue can also be comparable.

What is the final amount of my competitors’ payroll? What is my competitors’ budget for other expenses? Are we on the right track of management?

Questions like these should be asked constantly so that one can always evolve with a focus on the company’s final profitability.

The main idea is to refer to other HR departments, but it is good to be careful: some HR sectors in different companies have different objectives depending on each situation.

Use this tactic to base yourself, but never determine exactly what your budget will be. This is a strategic decision that must be made based on this and several other parameters.


We have seen that the control of HR expenses and costs can be quite confusing and complicated in some matters and that we can not, in any way, ignore some crucial points in this administration such as the employees ‘payroll, the benefits and the other employees’ income.

So, in order to have a strict control of these expenses, there are now tools available on the market that can completely solve these problems.

We, at Adnia Solutions, offer the best in templates and Excel spreadsheets in order to help your company to have greater returns.

For the control of expenses within the human resources department, we developed the HR Budget Expenses Template spreadsheet that aims to facilitate all the processes of control of the numerous indicators and data of the sector.

Facilitate the work of your department and human resources and check out our template!

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