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More Than A Spreadsheet

More Than A Spreadsheet: 5 Key Uses of MS Excel in The Workplace!

Remember learning how to use excel spreadsheets in school and wondering if we’ll ever use it in real life? Probably none of us thought we’d be using Excel on a daily basis.

Excel spreadsheets have made business and finance management easier. You no longer need to sit down with a calculator and spend hours with numbers or start a spreadsheet from scratch. Just enter the data or use the invoice template and you’re good to go! If you feel like you are in need of extra help with financial management in relation to a business, you may want to look towards companies such as Gleneagles Securities to see how you can be securely helped in this area.

But that’s not all they do! Here are a few other spreadsheet based workplace solutions:

1. Manage a timesheet

Our timesheet management template offers an effective solution for tracking employee attendance and hours completed. You can easily note if one of the employees is always running late, or if they are not completing the required number of hours.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to track absences, overtime and half-days too. You don’t need to measure hours; the timesheet will do it for you!

2. Create professional invoices

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to generate professional looking invoice. In fact, you can always use a free invoice generator to avoid all of the stress commonly associated with creating and sending invoices.

s. We know how important it is for your business to have a logo printed format customized for your brand. And, we deliver just that!

The Excel invoice template allows you to set tax names and currencies. It also calculates taxes automatically using the data entered. An easy-to-use professionally toned invoice receipt for all your transactions!

3. Monitor budget and cash flow

5 Key Uses of MS Excel in The Workplace

The business finance management template provides you a more affordable solution compared to the expensive finance software. It categorizes income and expenses, monitors

monthly cash flow, calculates taxes, tracks variable expenses and forecasts income too

If you want more from your finance spreadsheet than just entering the data, get the template today. It generates comprehensive results and reports which can also be turned into charts for presentations.

4. Track various KPIs

Want to find out in which direction your business is heading? Then you need to monitor key performance indicators. These KPIs differ from department to department and must align with your company’s goals.

Instead of burying yourself in lists upon lists, get our ready-to-use templates. You can order KPI Dashboard Template for e-Commerce, KPI Management Template, and HR Metrics Dashboard Template.

You can track monthly progress and see if you’re aching quarterly or yearly goals

5. Measure startup success

It’s difficult to establish a startup, but it’s even harder to keep one running in today’s competitive marketplace. Expensive software packages for tracking key growth and success metrics are too costly for startups.

Instead of splurging on complex software, opt for our highly economical spreadsheet solution. The SaaS Metric Dashboard Template will help you measure the success of your startup, offer actionable insights, consolidate data and keep your team informed too.

Best part is that you can share your startup’s information with potential investors through this spreadsheet. What better way to show growth than with clear data and professional charts!

A good solution to fully taking advantage of a digital workplace would be to implement Interact Intranet software, allowing employees to communicate and cooperate more effectively.

Check out our comprehensive range of business solutions and order today!

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