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adnia metrics

The most important metrics in Saas

Through these 10 metrics, you will lead your business to success. Learn the main method for leveraging your Saas or Startup. With entrepreneurship on the rise, every day new businesses appear with a common characteristic: bringing an innovation to the market, whether in a new product or in a service that no one has thought […]

Excel Templates for Business

People Analytics HR Metrics Important In 2017

Data and analytics are becoming increasingly important in HR decision making. 2017 marks the year when some of the HR metrics will become benchmark for the hiring and other decisions. Recruitment, retention, absence, attendance and rewards are the usual focus areas. However, ratio of employees to HR staff has reached the top metrics. This indicates […]

SaaS - Software as a Service

How Do SaaS Companies Benefit From Using Dashboards To Monitor Their KPIs?

One of the revolutionary trends that define the 21st century is the rise of technology and its impact on urban life and the economy. From communication and transportation to commerce and tourism, the touch of cutting edge technology has changed the face of life as we know it. No matter where you look, businesses everywhere […]

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