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Maximize project efficiency and communication with Kanban

Kanban is a feature for streamlining and controlling workflows. Through it you can maximize project efficiency and improve communication. Check out its benefits.


Kanban is a very old methodology for organizing and streamlining work processes. There are currently several automated tools that make it possible to use this method even more efficiently.

With that in mind, Adnia Solutions has developed an automated Kanban Excel template. And we invite you to learn more about the history and benefits of this methodology in project management. Check it out below.


What is the Kanban Method?

Kanban is a method that was created in the 1950s by Toyota, initially to control process flows in the industry. The focus of this methodology from the outset was to make production more agile.

Currently the model is one of the most used in agile project management. Kanban allows the team to split features to be developed into smaller parts.

This way, the steps are managed from a very simple and intuitive control dashboard.

The original Kanban method takes into account three phases: to do, doing and done. Separating these phases into separate frames makes it easy to monitor demands.


How does the Kanban Method work?

The Kanban method is very simple and intuitive. In the traditional way it is made by means of cards, stickers and signs of various colors on an exposed board in the company.

These cards can be post-it paper or plastic and represent all actions and tasks that were or will be developed in the project.

Through colors, primary colors such as green, red and yellow are generally used, it is possible to identify the status of each task.

This method is very effective as it facilitates the team’s work in identifying and tracking the performance of each decision-making process.

Using this method, you can classify tasks as follows: to do, doing and done.


Since all tasks are concentrated on one board, the leader or manager must set a limit on the number of cards that will be worked in a time period.

This condition is interesting because it forces the entire team to devote efforts to the tasks that have accumulated to avoid delays and make room for the inclusion of new demands.

It is worth mentioning that this is just one of the ways of using Kanban. However, the main purpose of this method is to view information quickly and easily.

It is up to the manager to define the color and frame setting that best fits the existing task type or status.


Why apply Kanban in project management?

Within project management, the goal is to achieve better results. And in that sense, Kanban has a lot to contribute because it offers:


Planning flexibility

Kanban, as well as other agile methodologies, is carried out in phases that aim to complete the development of one step at a time.

This practice allows the project manager to prioritize features that have the greatest potential for customer return. In addition, you can easily add new tasks as they arise.


Priority setting

The Kanban method allows the definition of priority tasks from the layout of the cards. This makes it easier to quickly check the urgency of each activity.

This makes the process more agile by avoiding time to evaluate what should be done next. It also prevents major tasks from being set aside, which would compromise the project deadline.


Simplified Use

To put a kanban into practice in project management, it takes no more than a good-looking whiteboard and the cards that will be placed there. There is no need to make technology investments or even train employees for their use.

Thus, from the correct use in each project, it is a very simple and practical method to be used, avoiding waste of time and resources.


Cost reduction

Within the project this methodology generates a cost reduction because it reduces waste and increases the efficiency and productivity of the team. This is because the project can be done faster in less time.


Benefits of Automated Kanban

An excellent way to use the method today is the automated Kanban Excel template, a premium Excel template from Adnia Solutions. Check out the advantages of using this feature:


More secure information

In a kanban with an exposed frame, the risk of information loss is very high. After all the post-it can get lost, torn or simply disappear from the board without any record.

In Adnia’s kanban template no information will be lost as only people with certain permissions can archive or delete the cards.


Assertive Communication

Using the automated Kanban Excel model you can make comments on the cards, mentioning the responsible members. Thus, making the card not just an information point, but a place for discussion of the task.


Assignment of team members

It’s possible to assign team members to a specific task allowing you to monitor team and individual flow.

Given these benefits you are certainly wondering how to use this agile methodology, right? Then check below how to implement kanban in your project.


How to implement Kanban

An excellent solution for implementing this feature in your project without worrying about post-its stacks is the automated Kanban Excel template

Implement this project management tool to view project progress and maximize the efficiency of your business.

In addition, this feature is an Adnia Solution and features:

  • An intuitive panel with Status Cards, Priority Cards, Team Member Cards / Status, Team Member Cards / Priority.
  • Allows you to track your projects (cards) over time in filters: Blocked, Executives, Completed and Backlog.
  • Makes presentations and reports easier and more professional.

Implementing Kanban is simple, count on Adnia Solutions, which is a reference in creating smart, innovative and incredibly easy-to-use Excel-based templates and dashboards. Get to know all of our automated Kanban spreadsheets.

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