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Find out what are the best HR performance indicators and get data intelligence and more relevance at work!

HR is a vital part of any business. Without it, employees wouldn’t have a proper place to air grievances, sort any issues they have and sort out their employee benefits. This would lead to a high turnover rate as well as unproductive staff. Thankfully for managers, there are options in terms of achieving HR success. For instance, there are lots of reputable PEO companies (source) which offer businesses the opportunity to outsource some or all of their HR-related tasks. They can assist with things like running payroll, providing access to better health insurance plans, and helping with compliance. Moreover, there is also now HR software like successfactors employee central that can help them seamlessly manage their core HR processes. But, how else can you can the most out of your HR department?

HR Performance Indicators (KPIs) are essential for making assertive work decisions. The use of these indicators are a competitive differentiator for any kind of business. They are in charge when it comes to the hiring process for a business – who will you take on in the job, why are you taking them on, did they pass the background check (like the background checks in Idaho)? These are all questions that the HR people will deal with, as this is what will the help the business succeed.

Through HR KPIs is possible to turn data into valuable information. Such as the level of employee satisfaction, number of absences and delays per period.

With this in mind, we have separated the main human resources management indicators. Check out the importance of including HR KPIs in the business daily routine.

What are Human Resources KPIs?

First of all, it is important to define what HR KPIs are. They are important performance indicators used to guide managers in making strategic decisions. Every manager needs to ensure they’re getting 100% from their staff and these indicators are a perfect way to ensure this. If they see that an employee isn’t performing as well as others then they will think about how to discuss poor performance with an employee and hold a meeting with the employee to discuss measures and assistance they will provide to ensure they get back on track. These indicators are a perfect way to get your workforce as productive as possible.

These metrics are important and when are well applied by the leaders of organizations, these data are able to contribute to the success in all company sectors.

Thus, KPIs must be combined with the action plan of each business. Consequently leading more successfully and getting very satisfactory results.

What are the most important HR KPIs?

In this post, we define some of the best HR performance indicators. Read on and check out how each of them might guide your business.

Absence rate

With this HR metric is possible to measure employee absences in the company such as nonattendance, delays and absences for a determined time of an employee. An important metric for understanding the organizational climate.

This performance indicator can be calculated over a pre-established time period.

Hence, by having some other information, it is possible to calculate the impact of absenteeism on the company’s labor costs.

Turnover Rate

This KPI indicates the number of employees leaving and entering the company. The turnover rate is calculated by the number of employees who leave the company during a specified period (one year, quarter or month).

When focused on a specific group, this metric provides, for example, data about how attractive to work the company seems when compared to its competitors.

In addition, Turnover Rate can be classified into types such as Voluntary Turnover Rate and Involuntary Turnover Rate.

  • Voluntary Turnover Rate happens when employees choose to terminate their activities within the company. In this case, it is essential to conduct a dismissal interview and seek to understand the reason for this decision.
  • Involuntary Turnover Rate happens when the decision is made by the company, in other words, when the employee contract is terminated for poor performance, misconduct or some other reason. Importantly, in this case, the costs of turnover may be even higher because the company can bear fines.

Effectiveness of Training

One of the challenges of any organization is to retain talents and for this reason it is important to provide training. In such a way, professionals can develop skills and feel more motivated to perform the job.

The training and development process is a very effective strategy for improving employee delivery. There are two KPIs that can measure training effectiveness, see below:

  • Training Cost per Employee: This HR KPI calculates how much the company invests in training per person.
  • Return on Investment (ROI): With this HR KPI you can identify the results of the applied training. Thus, it is possible to eliminate investments without return and verify which trainings bring real value to the company.

Employee Productivity Rate

This HR KPI shows the average number of days for an employee’s satisfactory productivity. Productivity indicators are necessary for tracking employee performance in the company.

In addition, the results can be an indication of the quality of your selection process and the level of candidates your company attracts.

HR Indicator Benefits

Once you know some of the HR key indicators, it’s time to talk about the benefits that using them can bring to your business. Follow below:

Clarity for company goals

To diagnose problems and develop strategies for your business it is important to have access to a current overview of the company. With access to the main HR KPIs, it is possible to prepare strategic reports and know the internal aspects of the company.

Having well-defined performance indicators facilitates communication between HR and company superiors. This way, managers can have more assertiveness in decision making processes and the representativeness of the HR sector improves in the corporation.

Results Tracking

HR KPIs are an important source for results analysis. Having a good database will allow you to compare them with goal planning.

This way, it can be a work over time to help the business guide the action plan, always looking for the expected results

Team Ratings

Having measurable and objective company information is very important for people management work as a whole.

Also, it’s important to remember that while human resources departments don’t generate revenue, they manage the company’s best asset, its staff.

For this, HR KPIs are very important. They give more objectivity to the work of the Human Resources team and facilitate decision making processes.

Putting HR KPIs into practice

Once you know the benefits that HR metrics can offer, the next step is to understand which ones make sense for your business. Here’s how to put the best HR KPIs into practice:

Understand which KPIs make sense

One of the important steps before implementing HR KPIs in your business is to understand which of the indicators will make sense for the business moment. Then analyze which ones can be worked on and, above all, can be measured by the business.

Adopt KPI worksheets to optimize HR strategic processes

KPI spreadsheets are great business alternatives. Not surprisingly, they facilitate operational routines and make procedures more agile and less error-prone.

Automated spreadsheets make it possible to align business objectives with HR KPIs. They provide a holistic view of the management of the company. With computerized solutions, the HR routine is optimized.

This makes it easier to present assessments, provide feedback and track the performance of professionals. In addition, based on employee performance indicators, recruitment processes can be designed to address the strategic needs of positions and professional areas.

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