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How can kanban help you in times of crisis?

Kanban is a methodology for controlling and managing activities through the system of colored cards, which are generally known as post-it notes.

It is also called visual management, because its system is based on the use of colors to signal activities.

The method is quite simple and uses easily accessible items, which are already widely used in the daily lives of several companies.

With the advancement of technology, it is increasingly necessary to have tools that facilitate working relationships, including those in the home office or even within the company itself.

Whatever the case, simplifying the processes has become essential for projects and activities to be carried out correctly, meeting deadlines and goals.

Thus, Kanban can be an excellent ally when organizing and managing these activities.

Let’s go!

What is the Kanban Method?

The Kanban methodology is a visual information system used to manage the processes of a project as it progresses.

Kanban shows the workflow and the entire process in real time, going through each of the defined processes.

Your objective is to find possible problems that may exist in your process, so that you can seek to correct as soon as possible, in an economical way and with a faster correction speed.

What are its advantages?

As you can imagine, one of the best benefits of this methodology is its low cost.

Kanban proved in several aspects to be a suitable tool for management, communication and also exchange of information between employees.

It allows multiple tasks to be performed on time, using visual and intuitive controls.

In addition, here are other advantages:

  • Fluidity at work;
  • Productivity increase;
  •  Elimination of bottlenecks;
  • Performance monitoring;
  • Time optimization;
  • Better use of resources, etc.

And if you are wondering how to use this system working from home office, know that today there are already several online tools where each person on your team can work from home, seeing the same processes in real time.

You can search google for “kanban online”, or you can organize your processes in an application like Trello.

And there is also the option of using smart spreadsheets that are developed in excel, making it easier for people to use because it is a well known tool.

Now I will show you what types of kanban you can use when working in the company or even home office.

What are the types of kanban?

There are several types of application of this methodology, here I will present 3 of the main ones.

  • Production Kanban

This type is probably one of the most basic.

It is present anywhere, from manufacturing to software development.

The production Kanban starts with a comprehensive list of all items that need to be completed by a specific date.

A production card must be provided for an area of ​​the facility requesting the types of materials (or tasks) required.

Each production card signals the start of the production system, explaining the quality and quantity of the things that need to be produced.

In this modality, the murals are generally divided into three sections: to do, doing and done. Depending on the degree of complexity of the process in question, other sections can be added to the mural.

  • Movement Kanban

This system is used when a company produces physical or digital products, which need to go through different teams in order for the work to be completed.

When one team finishes part of the process, the other team continues.

For this purpose, they can use cards to identify and inform if an activity is completed to the point of passing on to the other

When the team is ready to produce more, it also sends a card signaling to the team that it is available and needs more work.

  • Express Kanban

This Kanban system deals with situations that must be resolved immediately. But in this case the Kanban Express cards signal the lack of a specific item.

In extreme cases, emergency cards may even require production to stop completely until specified items or parts are delivered.

In this system, express cards are also important to maintain a constant flow of the process and ensure that there is no slowness or interruption of the process.

Kanban in times of crisis

In adverse situations like the one we are experiencing, working within your company may not be an option, or even it is necessary to switch between the two ways, but whatever it is, you will need productivity and organization.

You can adapt the Kanban methodology according to your needs, whether it is a physical or digital product, whether the team is entirely in the home office or whether you are all in the company.

No matter the situation, you need to manage processes well, monitor activities, observe and resolve failures, understand the flow and whether each step is being completed on time.

The methodology will help you.

And if you are concerned with the application of this work in mixed teams, partly working remotely and partly working in person.

Know that as I mentioned before, there are several software that have already incorporated the methodology so that you can work with the famous cards in a more visual and modern way, better known as post-it.


Obviously you will need to define which system works best within your business and you will also need to make adaptations according to your needs.

We recommend that you make gradual changes and see if it has worked and generated results.

Watch the flow and observe carefully what happens.

After all, one of the main goals of this system is that you can improve your workflow and make changes to optimize time and productivity, while reducing errors.

If you want to automate your Kanban system in a professional way see what we have prepared for you.

Automated Kanban Excel Template.

Our Automated Kanban Excel Template keeps your projects moving from “to-do” to complete. Use this project management tool to visualize the progress of projects, maximize efficiency and communicate better with your colleagues. 

This template is designed for maximum impact from data organization to the colors we use. Ditch the piles of post-it notes and try our Kanban board today!

Key Features:

  • Beautiful dashboard displays clear visuals: Cards by Status, Cards by Priority, Cards by Team members/Status, Cards by Team members/Priority
  • Track your projects (cards) over time from Blocked, Doing, Done, and Backlog
  • Makes presentations and reports easier and more professional

Access to know our templates: https://adniasolutions.com/excel-templates/automated-kanban-excel-template/

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