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Excel Templates and Dashboards

How can excel be useful for marketing professionals?

Excel is one of the most important tools for marketing professionals. This software transforms processes and offers many possibilities.

Excel is a very useful solution within a company’s marketing. Among its many uses, we can highlight the use to get social media KPI’s, calculate campaign results or manage your company’s marketing budget.

That’s why anyone who wants to excel in marketing needs to master this powerful software. In this article we will talk about how Excel can be important and useful for marketing in the business area. Check it out below.

Importance of Automating Results Analysis

As has been said, having a team with Excel spreadsheet skills is critical to a Marketing industry. These professionals constantly need to develop reports or execute strategic planning. You can find these kinds of professionals at websites similar to elitelawyermanagement.com. They specialize in legal PR marketing and talking to professionals like those could give you an even greater insight into how they automate the analysis of their results.

With the demand for companies to be increasingly in digital media, marketers today also need Excel for activities such as Social Media Management, especially if they manage to get Tiktok followers super fast and need to keep track of everything.

Besides measuring the performance of marketing actions, Excel can also assist in selling strategies. You can download and export marketing spreadsheets to cross-check your data and ensure more assertive planning.

Certainly, the work of Excel spreadsheets for collecting data from market research and other daily marketing activities can make the whole process clearer and more objective.

Advantages of adopting Excel in your daily life

Excel functionalities are essential for anyone who wants to get organized, optimize their data, and integrate it with other tools.

In addition to organizing and managing data, you can also develop graphs, making visual presentation and analysis of results much more convenient.

This tool is very well run by desktops and compatible with online services like Google Drive, which allows it to be used across multiple devices.

Marketing and Sales Management

Constantly marketers are looking for teams that understand the power of Excel to turn data into action.

However, using these spreadsheets can bring more efficiency to all sectors of the company. Especially if you are managing goals, customer and sales portfolio, and planning marketing strategies based on past results. For example, most companies who run a whitehat link building scheme will keep a track of the links they have secured via a spreadsheet so they can easily view and record their results. This is just one of the many ways Excel can be used to track and record SEO/marketing results.

Using a PivotTable in Excel, users can quickly and easily summarize customer and sales data by category with a quick drag and drop.

Save time, improve your marketing processes with premium Excel templates

Adnia Solutions premium Excel templates are designed with an intuitive design that promises beautiful graphical display and functionality. That way you can base your decision on solid, strong data and drive change in your business.

The defining feature of our models is simplicity. At Adnia Solutions, we bring you the best insights with professional, easy-to-use Excel templates.

With Adnia Solutions models, data management and marketing planning for your business is simpler and more convenient. Plus, it’s easy to see results with the help of clear and intuitive custom graphics.

Check out some features of our Excel templates:

Social Media KPI Excel Template

The Adnia Solutions social media KPI model is an efficient way to focus your social media marketing data and get results.

This professional Excel spreadsheet template is ready to use and will help you keep track of your company’s social media performance.

The social media KPI model is a flexible solution for marketers who want to efficiently analyze data and results. Companies can schedule Instagram posts and monitor how well they do at certain times of the day.

With this Adnia Solutions spreadsheet template you intelligently focus resources, document your successes, and identify areas that deserve attention.

Moreover, you can monitor trends in your marketing industry over time. Check out some social media success indicators available in this Excel template:

  • Social media followers
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Social media budget
  • Social Media Referral Traffic
  • Social Media Revenue
  • Proof of social media traffic
  • Social media conversion

Social Media Dashboard Template

This Adnia Solution Social Media Dashboard template provides the information you need to optimize your social media marketing efforts and achieve your goals.

Plus, this Excel spreadsheet template helps you organize and optimize all your social media metrics in one place.

Measure the impact of your social media campaigns by tracking followers, referral traffic, and revenue. In doing so, it can help to give you an accurate representation of how well you’re doing on social media. For example, if you’ve recently decided to use a company like Nitreo to help grow your instagram, then you are more likely to notice an increase in followers, rather than a decrease. This template will allow you to see these types of changes.

Enter all social media data into this spreadsheet to quickly assess your strengths and areas for improvement, simplifying reporting and communicating with your team.

Marketing Budget Excel Template

The Adnia Marketing Budget Template is an Excel spreadsheet template designed to help you manage your company’s marketing budget. Get the most out of your marketing by tracking your expenses monthly and comparing with your estimated budget.

This template lets you track your budget and expenses by category, including social media, web marketing, content marketing, search, local marketing, public relations, and more.

Use this Adnia Solutions spreadsheet template to view and track your budget, avoiding losing track of the budget of your marketing actions.

This template will help you keep track of and adjust your budget over time to your needs. See what you will find:

  • Marketing Categories
  • Budget per month
  • Providers
  • Marketing Expenses

Available Reports:

  • Marketing Budget Dashboard
  • Marketing Budget by Category
  • Marketing Budget by Subcategory
  • Marketing Expenses by Vendor

Get to know Adnia Solutions spreadsheets today, a company that is a reference in creating smart, innovative and incredibly easy-to-use Excel-based templates and dashboards. Check out our powerful marketing spreadsheets.

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