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Excel Templates and Dashboards

Excel as the foundation of financial education

Excel can be an ally in teaching financial education. This way you can learn early on the importance of savings, investments and income.

Planning the future can be a difficult task as it requires a lot of organization and financial control. From coming up with budgets to looking into Breeze disability insurance to controlling your monthly spending, it can be hard to keep track of everything and make the right decisions for your finances. Thus, the teaching of financial education is crucial for young people and adults to learn how to analyze their income and not fall into financial market traps.

A widely used resource for teaching Financial Education is Excel templates. They allow greater control and autonomy over earnings to achieve the much sought after financial independence. Let’s get to know more? Check it out below.

After all, what is Financial Education?

Financial education is not just about controlling finances, it is also about seeking a better quality of life for the future. Thus, finding the balance of financial security without giving up dreams and leisure time. It can all start with getting a credit card with no credit history as a first credit card to build a credit score, or it could even start with something simple like a small savings account. No matter how financial stability and security come about, being able to say your financially independent will be a great achievement.

Initiatives that are the foundation Financial Education:

Setting Goals

Achieving this financial stability requires planning to set goals and constantly follow them. For some people, this goal setting process is something that occurs naturally without much difficulty.

After you finish planning, you may find that you have many goals for few resources. The next step should be to prioritize goals and set objectives to control spending.

Controlling Spending

Another important point for financial balance is making an expense control. This means recording each expense daily and, if possible, the means of payment used.

Expenses can be grouped into categories such as education, food, housing, among others. Once this is done, you will be able to track amounts spent on each category and then set a budget for each category.

If your expenses exceed your revenue, you need to take action to keep your accounts balanced. Being able to increase revenues, decrease expenses or both.

Cutting expenses can be difficult at first, as it means giving up small pleasures. However, this attitude will represent a life change in the future. This is the basis of Financial Education thinking.

Making money work for you

Tracking and cutting spending is not so easy, but when done with discipline it allows you to gain an ally: your money.

Once you have a higher income than the monthly expenses you are ready to invest. That way, the more you can save and invest, the faster you can achieve your goals.

Of course, the more money you have to invest, the better. But another key factor that we often overlook is the investment time.

Start to save some of your money

It is very important to make it a habit to collect a percentage of the funds received each month. Start with a symbolic value and whenever possible set a larger value.

Thus, the amount saved can be useful in case of emergency / need or some long term investment.

Thinking about retirement

In Financial Education, the concept of retirement is quite different from the traditional one. Especially if we consider that it can arrive much earlier than expected.

What we hope to see is a young person doing the things he really likes, whether he’s enjoying his family, working on something he likes, or traveling the world. After all, a person who has financial security enjoys living.

Many people believe this is too difficult to achieve. It really is not something that is easy, but with discipline and making the right financial decisions, this is quite possible. A lot of people choose to invest some of their earnings into stocks and shares so they can plan for a more secure future. By investing in the best dividend stocks uk, anyone can achieve a great return on their investments and plan for their future. They might even find their true calling whilst doing so and start investing more regularly!

However, you must know how to invest to achieve the goal of financial independence. There are many options, not just private pensions. After all, there are many other ways of investing to increase equity.

Using Excel in Financial Education Teaching

Especially in teaching Financial Education, Excel can play an important role. With Adnia’s premium templates you can easily manage your financial life.

Spreadsheets are available with fixed expenses, variable expenses to facilitate the management of consumption habits. In addition, for more detailed reporting, you can keep your monthly and annual income organized, saving you time and money.

This way, by detailing all reports and making the program increasingly specific and with templates ready for each month, it is possible to obtain effective and specific financial control for each life reality.

Check out Adnia’s solutions and finally achieve financial independence with premium Excel templates.

Adnia Solution for Personal Finance

Meet Adnia’s simple, full-featured personal budget Excel Templates that are designed for busy people who want to manage their personal finances efficiently. Additionally, you can go to alternative reliable personal financial advisory services with hands on people, that you can converse and discuss your needs with.

In addition, Adnia Solutions has also developed a spreadsheet to help you plan your well-deserved vacation trip and avoid financial surprises. Use this model to estimate your travel costs, record your actual expenses, and compare expenses to your budget.

Our personal budget models make financial planning simple and convenient. The results are easy to see with the help of clear, intuitive custom graphics. With Adnia Solutions models you can:

  • Organize your personal finances and manage your spending habits.
  • Monitor your monthly cash flow
  • Categorize your expenses
  • Track fixed and variable expenses
  • Plan big purchases and retirement budget
  • Clearly display results with clean graphics
  • Save more time and money
  • Control your expenses, lower your debt rate and save money to realize your dreams.
  • Make revenue and expense forecasts

With Adnia Solutions personal budgeting and travel budget planning templates you will have greater control over your expenses and better planning over your financial future. This leaves more time to manage other demands of your life.

Adnia Solutions is a reference in creating smart, innovative and incredibly easy-to-use Excel-based templates and dashboards. Check out our personal finance spreadsheets

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