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Excel Templates and Dashboards

Dashboards: Data discovery, analysis and collaboration

Visual analysis enables unlimited data exploration through Dashboards. These interactive dashboards allow quick discoveries from the available data.


In a simple way, a dashboard is a collection of data organized in a graphic frame. When properly used, they allow a quick evaluation of the processes, helping in decision making.

They use graphs to show the behavior of an activity. For this reason, they are constantly used as a form of business monitoring and analysis. Check out more about interactive panels below.


What are Dashboards?

A dashboard is a type of graphical  interface that generally provides quick visualizations of key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to a specific objective or business process. In another use, “dashboard” is another name for “progress report” or “report”.

The “dashboard” is usually displayed on a web page linked to a database that allows the report to be updated constantly. There are some key elements to a good panel:

  • Simple, communicates easily
  • Few distractions
  • Supports organized business with meaning and useful data
  • Applies visual perception to the visual presentation of information
  • Can be accessed easily


Dashboard types

Digital dashboards can be arranged to track the flows inherent in the business processes they monitor. Currently, three main types of digital dashboard: operational, strategic and tactical dashboard. Check it out below.


Operational Dashboard

Operational dashboards generally present metrics that need to be tracked for the operation to perform well. In this way, metrics that help analysts to correct errors and flaws in business processes will appear in the indicators of this type of dashboard.

As examples, we could cite dashboards with real-time information on the  production of a factory, availability of IT or telecommunications network infrastructure, monitor the delays  in the delivery of a logistics company or the display of data on prices, inventory, status of ads and other operational details of an e-commerce process.


Tactical Dashboard

Tactic is the “mobilization of specific resources of the organization, in the departmental scope, aiming to reach medium term objectives”. In this context, the tactical dashboard allows the monitoring of indicators that allow managers to make medium-term decisions.


Strategic Dashboard

Strategy means the “mobilization of all the organization’s resources, on a global level, aiming to achieve a long-term objective”. A company’s strategy consists of a set of tactics.

For obvious reasons, a good strategic dashboard should not fail to privilege information that can be used for strategic purposes. In this way, the previous data that understand the business performance in previous periods can serve as excellent parameters to measure current KPIs and project the company’s growth.

In addition, specialized panels can track all corporate functions. Examples include human resources, recruitment, sales, operations, security, information technology, project management, customer relationship management and many other departmental panels.


Executive dashboard examples


Financial dashboards

This dashboard is a high-level snapshot of a company’s financial health. This will help you make decisions about the resources you have and how to apply them. A financial panel can cover a variety of aspects – profit and loss, cash management, customer revenue, etc. Having this financial data easily accessible is critical to maintaining a profitable business.


Marketing dashboards

The Marketing Dashboard will show the success of your company’s marketing efforts in generating new sales or customers. Your high-level metrics are likely to include site visits, converted contacts, qualified marketing leads, and more. A good marketing panel should also state whether people are “stuck” at any stage of the purchase.


Operations and Security dashboards

An operations and security dashboard is an internal audit tool that helps organizations to proactively manage and prevent risks. A good security dashboard will offer resolutions rather than just discoveries and shift the focus from graphs and numbers to the overarching goal of promoting best security practices.


HR dashboards

HR dashboards range from reports on internal and qualitative metrics, such as employee satisfaction, to quantitative and external metrics, such as recruiting success rates. Having an HR dashboard is particularly useful for larger companies to track employee turnover and retention. These numbers often provide management’s insight into whether teams have the right resources for their roles and highlight potential problem areas.


Use Dashboards in Excel

The premium Excel templates from Adnia Solutions were created with an intuitive design that promises a beautiful graphic display and functionality. That way you can base your decision on solid and strong data and promote the necessary changes in your company.

The defining feature of our models is simplicity. At Adnia Solutions, we make sure you have the best insights with professional, easy-to-use Excel templates.

With Adnia Solutions’ models, your company’s data management and financial planning is simpler and more convenient. In addition, it is easy to see the results with the help of clear and intuitive custom graphics.

Check out some features of our Excel templates:

  • Clearly displays results with clean graphics
  • Professional spreadsheets with intuitive design
  • Use of the main KPI’s for the success of your business
  • Templates for all your business or personal needs
  • Some models have a multilingual option: available languages ​​(English, French or Portuguese).

In addition to these features, templates are a simple and professional solution for managing your business or personal demands. To make management even easier, the spreadsheets are ready for printing without the Adnia logo.

There are no monthly fees and the file is downloaded immediately after payment with any credit card or through PayPal. Count on our support to answer any questions about the products.

Get to know today the spreadsheets of Adnia Solutions, a company that is a reference in the creation of models and smart dashboards, innovative and incredibly easy to use based on Excel. Check out our premium Excel spreadsheets.

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