5 Productivity Tips for Using Excel Spreadsheets

Microsoft Excel is one of the most effective and commonly used software tools in today’s organizations. From data entry and analysis to report presentation, Excel is extensively used to perform multiple applications and to make critical decisions and could be used to help a business who are using something similar to Klipfolio to see business productivity.

Despite its significance and value, majority of organizations still rely on the age-old functions. As a result, they are not able to reap the fruits of using Excel. Here are some tips to make the most of Excel and ramp up your business productivity:

Auto fill series

By using auto fill series, you don’t have to type a series of numbers or other data in the spreadsheet. Excel will complete all the entries for you. This saves time in typing data. Also, it eliminates the chance of missing any item.

Sum up numbers

A common mathematical function, highlight a specific cell and then enter ALT plus +. This is the quickest way to add up numbers.

Freezing panes

You can keep any cell visible, while you enter data in another area of the spreadsheet. This is helpful when comparing data throughout the spreadsheet.

You can divide the panes into multiple worksheets. As a result, one pane can be scrolled and the other one (comprising information) remains static.

Conditional formatting

Use conditional formatting to change the appearance of cells. This is an automatic process. In addition, it allows you to identify data that is crucial to your analysis.

This conditional formatting technique identifies important data that is critical to many analysis. This is how you can use conditional formatting in Excel 2010 and Excel 2007.


PivotalTable is a simple feature that allows users to organize and present data in multiple ways. It is particularly beneficial for analyzing large amounts of data. Excel creates PivotTables to assess raw data. Although these are great tips to enhance business productivity, they may vary depending on the Excel version.

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