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New Adnia Spreadsheet Templates

New Adnia Spreadsheet Templates Released in October

At Adnia Solutions, our main objective is to help business owners and professionals from diverse sectors organize their data and present information in a way that positively impacts their companies and careers. We are committed to developing quality products that work for you.

We are proud to announce two new Excel spreadsheet templates launched in October 2017.

1) Invoice Tracker Template

Easily manage paid and unpaid invoices, and stay ahead of the game. The Adnia Invoice Tracker is an Excel spreadsheet template with a dashboard designed to make invoice management easier. Just enter the amount paid by the customer and the template calculates the rest- see all your invoices in one convenient place. In addition, the template stores all your clients’ details for more efficient communication.

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2) Sales Team Dashboard

Visualize your team’s performance with your sales team. The Adnia Sales Team Dashboard was created to help you track the sales of your team and individual salespersons. This template can accommodate teams with up to 10 members and is multilingual for more effective communication. Build your own impressive sales board with professional tables, charts and rankings and engage your team on a whole new level.

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