Financial Dashboard Excel Template


Key Features

  • The sleek dashboard can be easily interpreted for rapid decision-making
  • View data for monthly and yearly totals
  • Quickly and easily communicate with your staff, generating greater employee involvement
  • See monthly data side-by-side to easily pinpoint necessary budget adjustments.
  • Multilingual template: Select one of the available languages (English, French, or Portuguese) or manually translate to the language of your choice

Simple and Professional

  • Fully unlocked template
  • No confusing VBA code or Macro
  • Spreadsheets ready for printing without Adnia logo
  • Help and support after your purchase
  • Immediate download
  • No monthly fees
  • Secure payment with PayPal (no PayPal account needed)

What is included?

  • One template with sample data
  • One template ready to receive your data

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    Easy to Use, with Immediate Business Results

    • Spreadsheets ready for printing without Adnia logo;
    • No monthly fees;
    • Immediate download;
    • Help and support after your purchase;
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    The Adnia Financial Dashboard is a multi-language template to help businesses visualize their financial data and track fiscal performance. This spreadsheet template uses familiar Excel software to make it easy to enter and share information. Our unique and carefully designed dashboard provides a complete picture of your data- saving you time and hassle.

    Our robust template features a total of 18 indicators, but for ease of use, you only need to enter the data for 11 indicators, the rest are calculated automatically! Easily organize and share up-to-date financial information and communicate with your colleagues in seconds. Focus on results, not data entry.

    How it works:

    Indicators available:

    • Total Income
    • Cost of Goods Sold
    • Gross Profit
    • Total Operating Expenses
    • Operating Profit (EBIT)
    • Taxes
    • Net Profit
    • Net Profit Margin %
    • Total Expenses
    • Cash at end of month
    • Quick Ratio
    • Current Ratio
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Accounts Payable
    • Income Budget
    • % of Income Budget
    • Expenses Budget
    • % of Expenses Budget

    Other Information:

    • Built for Excel 2010 or later
    • Licensed for Private Use Only (not for distribution or resale)

    The template may NOT be sold, distributed, published to an online gallery, hosted on a website, or placed on any server in a way that makes it available to the general public.

    Help & Support
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