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Essential Excel Templates for Finance

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Our new solution includes all the Essential Excel Templates for Finance you need to organize your business data. This bundle combines powerful dashboard templates with our comprehensive report templates. All templates are multi-lingual and designed to be both beautiful and user-friendly. Communicate professionally with colleagues and stakeholders using this easy-to-use package.

The package includes the following Excel templates:

Please note that all these templates are completely unlocked.


Cash Flow Dashboard

Complete Business Finance Management Template

Our Complete Business Finance Management template combines Finance Management and Budget vs Actual to give you a complete picture of your business financials. Organize, visualize and forecast income and expense by category, calculate taxes, and more. Communicate with your team using this professional template.

Financial Dashboard Template - Dashboard

Financial Dashboard Excel Template

The Financial Dashboard Excel Template compares up to 3 years of financial data and 12 key indicators, all in one place. Two dashboards (per month and per year) and a detailed indicator report are available, making this tool flexible enough to handle data from any business type. Reduce the stress of data organization and reporting.

Yearly Financial Comparison Report Template - Yearly Financial Dashboard

Yearly Financial Report Template

Use the Yearly Financial Comparison Report to compare financial KPIs for up to 5 years plus a forecast year. One dashboard and two different report layouts are available, and comments can be added to the charts. Generate comprehensive yearly financial comparisons that are both beautiful and functional.

Annual Financial Report Template - Financial Dashboard - Month

Annual Financial Report Template

Create professional reports in a snap with our Annual Financial Report Template. Make annual reporting easier with 12 available performance indicators and 2 dashboards (per month and per quarter). Then, communicate with your team using our stand-out visuals that you can customize for your next presentation.

Other Information

  • Built for Excel 2010 or later
  • Licensed for Private Use Only (not for distribution or resale)

The template may NOT be sold, distributed, published to an online gallery, hosted on a website, or placed on any server in a way that makes it available to the general public.


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