What is Finance 360?

Finance 360 is a financial dashboard that allows you to analyze your financial data from the Avantage accounting software. The tool was developed using Microsoft’s business intelligence technologies – in most cases, you will need only a Microsoft Excel (2013, 2016, or O365) license in order to have direct access to your Avantage data.

Why use Finance 360?


With Finance 360, you will be able to monitor the financial health of your business more easily, enabling you to gain constant insights and make quicker decisions.

Money savings

Many accountants spend countless hours generating indicators and preparing financial reports. By using Finance 360, you save time – and thus money.

Productivity and flexibility

Finance 360 has been designed to enable anyone in a company to analyze the organization’s financial data, without requiring any particular technical or technological skills.

Ease of use

Finance 360 has also been designed to simulate a web application. The tool contains a side menu to navigate between pages, as well as a settings page and a control page to facilitate the consolidation of accounts and to organize your information.

Finance 360 simplifies the process of preparing financial reports and enables you to save up to C$3000 per year in accounting fees.

What reports are available?

Earnings statements

Under “earnings statements”, you will have access to six different reports, including annual, quarterly, and monthly statements, as well as financial indicators, pivot tables that enable you to dig deep into your data, “slicers” to filter the data, and much more.

Actual versus Budget

In this report, you will find graphics and financial indicators that enable you to compare your actual revenues and expenses against the budget that you have set. Moreover, you will have access to a detailed budgetary report by revenue and expense group, as well as a budgetary alert report.

Finance 360 Plus -Balance Sheet

Balance sheet

This report will give you a clear view of your company’s assets at a given time.

Customizable reports

“Customizable reports” enable you to create and save your own reports and analyses, while maintaining the same style from one table to another.

What plans are available and how much do they cost?


    • Earnings statements
    • 1 Customizable reports


    • Earnings statements
    • Actual vs. Budget
    • Balance sheet
    • 3 Customizable reports


Coming soon
    • Earnings statements
    • Actual vs. Budget
    • Balance sheet
    • Ratios and Indicators
    • Summaries
    • 5 Customizable reports

You can start with the most basic version and then update anytime to a more feature-rich version of the dashboard, paying only the price difference between the two plans. We accept payment via Paypal, as well as by credit card. You can download the tool immediately after payment is made.
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