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Microsoft Excel Services old

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Too many businesses spend time and resources to gather customer and business data in Excel, only to have it languish, never leveraging the power of that data to produce charts, reports and dashboards that drive business growth.

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Create an Impactful, Professional Report

Our Excel experts will analyze your raw data, extracting the key visuals and charts to communicate your message and results powerfully and professionally.


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Design a Stunning Dashboard
or Visual Chart

We bring a combination of deep visual design and Excel experience, to create visually stunning charts and dashboards that add impact to your presentations or reports.


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Produce Custom Company Templates

We can customize any of our templates, or produce templates unique to your company, that reflect your brand design and colors.


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Here are some examples of what we can do:


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[one_fourth][responsive]HR Metrics Dashboard Template

[one_fourth][responsive]Real Estate Dashboard Template

[one_fourth][responsive]HR RecruitmentDashboard Template



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If you don’t need custom help, you can also start using one of our existing Excel templates today – explore our bestselling spreadsheet templates

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We have helped a number of customers get the most out of their Excel spreadsheets. Check out our happy client results:


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“I actually never found a company before who makes this kind of beautiful and good-working excel-templates. You guys really are amazing and your response-time is outstanding.”

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Pieter Marnef
SBS Belgium NV


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How it Works

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Send us a detailed message outlining your needs and the spreadsheet file, using the form below. Do not hesitate to send us images, mock-ups, or sketches that represent how you would like your spreadsheet or dashboard to look. Within two business days, we will send you a cost estimate. If we have any questions, we will contact you by email. No commitment is required for estimates.

Our focus is on helping customers make the most of their Excel data in an affordable way. Our services starts at just $80. Estimates are free, so what are you waiting for?

Need more information?

Contact us at services@adniasolutions.com or use the contact form beside.



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